Rael talks about the nuclear crisis in Japan

10 Apr, 2011
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On the first Sunday of April, Maitreya Rael talked to the Japanese Raelians who came to Okinawa to celebrate with him the 'Creation of Life' as all Raelians did around the world on that day.


On the first Sunday of April, Maitreya Rael talked to the Japanese Raelians who came to Okinawa to celebrate with him the 'Creation of Life' as all Raelians did around the world on that day.
During his speech, he commented on the situation in Japan after the Fukushima catastrophe.

“I hope that everything goes right in Japan, but we don't know yet. It's still possible that it becomes a big drama.
The Elohim can do nothing about it, and they will not do anything about it.
Your government is responsible, and what they did was criminal. To create a nuclear plant in a country where you have tsunami, close to the ocean, this is criminal.
Then, thanks to that situation, we see the whole world communicating, proving how irresponsible they are.
The United nations decided to attack Lybia. Billions of dollars are spent everyday to attack Lybia.
They will save maybe 500, 1,000 people. Meanwhile in Japan there might be 10 million people dead, maybe 30 million, because of the radiation.
If the United Nations was responsible they would now forget about Lybia and send all the scientists of the army of the world to Japan to stop the problem.
Nothing! They did nothing!
Now, 2 weeks later, there is still radiation coming out of Fukushima.
Where are the United Nations? Attacking Lybia.
Where is the United States? They evacuated 100,000 people from Japan. They are running away and attacking Lybia.
Where is the United Nations agency for atomic problem? In North Korea to see if they have a nuclear bomb. They are trying to see in Iran if there is a nuclear bomb.
Wait a minute? Are you looking for a bomb? You think that a nuclear problem is dangerous?
Wow, wake up please! There is a major nuclear problem in Japan!
But nobody comes and the poor Japanese government is completely out of the game; they are lying, they don't know what to do, and it's a terrible nightmare.

They did something though, not the Japanese government, but the Japanese Emperor went to visit the refugees. The Emperor goes and says ''we are so sorry''. That's crazy, it's nothing.
If the Japanese Emperor was really a good man he would say ''please, come to my palace in Tokyo''.
Since the Japanese Emperor has many residences, why doesn't he give the palace in the middle of Tokyo and welcome all the homeless people there?
The mayor of Fukushima is asking for food and for help.
I think all the Japanese people would love the Emperor if he were to say ''come in the palace''.
Nut nothing like that happens. He just goes and says ''I am so sorry'', and he goes back to his palace.
The world is so crazy.
There is no love, no compassion. In a few years people will realize how criminal the governments of the world have been.
It is a silent death happening in Fukushima, it's a silent killer, a secret killer, it's terrible because in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, people will still be dying.
Hiroshima was terrible. Fukushima is 1 million times worse.
In 30, 40 years from now, you will see that maybe 30 maybe 50 million people will die from cancer induced by the nuclear problem.
Still now, in France and in Sweden, 3000 km away from Chernobyl, 15 years after, the number of cancers is still rising at the same level as 15 years ago.
Still now you cannot eat white mushrooms in Germany, because they are still dangerous for health, 15 years after. Imagine the mushrooms of Fukushima in 20-30 years.
That's what's happening in the world. The whole world should be here to help, but nothing.
It's a terrible drama, but at the same time it's very good, because slowly they will realize. The government has a very slow brain, we are governed by retarded people, slowly they will realize.
Like you know when there is a dangerous curve on the road in France -and I know it is the same in Japan-, they won't put a sign until there are 5 people dead. One dead is not enough, 2 or 3 too bad, until there are 5 dead, they won't put a sign.
And it's the same for Fukushima.
Thanks to the millions of people who will be dying, there will be big changes. But it is so bad for the people who die. So bad but thanks to them, the world will be better.
And it's too bad that we have to go through drama to change.
This event will help to create a world government.
That's why every time something wrong is happening, we have to think ''ok, it's very painful but it will bring something better''.
Maybe one day humanity will be more evolved and will not need to go through drama to learn, but it's still like that now.
Because we have stupid governments and the stupid United Nations. Every thing in the world is so stupid and so primitive.
That's why the Message of the Raelians is so important because you bring geniocracy, paradism, you bring everything which is hope for humanity, and the number one message that we don't need any government.
Because they make mistakes.
Fukushima is a big mistake, is it your mistake ? No, it is the government's.
The wars, all the wars, is it your mistake ? It's the Governments'.
Anarchy is the best way.
And when love becomes the law, we don't need government. We don't need police, we don't need law.
When everybody works for the good of everybody, then we'll see.
So let's hope that soon, thanks to you spreading this message, we can bring the earth to a better level, with geniocracy, paradism and natural order due to anarchy, the same you have in ants colony.
Thank you Elohim and let's hope that consciousness will rule the world.
But today is a day of celebration of life.
So let's celebrate life together.