How far does media madness go: the accusation of sexual slavery. The ultimate safeguard for truth: accountability

As the new series broadcast worldwide on Rael ranks number one among watched series and the media frenzy picks up, it is important to recall the facts and the truth about certain points mentioned.

The Eye of Cain

The Eye of Cain

UFO sightings are now serious business!

The subject of UFOs is finally getting serious treatment from mainstream media and the American Congress.

The E.T. Embassy project presented at the SpaceCom Summit 2021!

The Embassy for an Extraterrestrial Civilization project presented at the SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit 2021!

An open letter to President Trump

All UFO files held by various US government agencies should be released to the public

When Atheism and Creationism meet

An invitation to take a break from a priori commitments and have an objective look with us at what we are a fortiori seeing