Message of the Elohim on the 6th of August 70AH to the Jewish people

I Yahweh, through the mouth of my son and Prophet Rael, am addressing this message to the Jewish People.

Rael to pope Francis: No need to baptize 'aliens', they are the gods of the Bible

In a recent sermon, Pope Francis said he would happily welcome aliens in the Vatican and baptize them if they wanted to join his flock.

Happiness Academies

A place for meditation, laughter and true happiness

About the benefits of Intermittent fasting

A report by Peter Bowes from BBC News in Los Angeles today describes how his body responded to a fasting diet which he followed as part of a clinical trial.

Benefits of Nudity

"If you put a plaster cast on a broken arm the skin starves for Vitamin D, the muscles weaken due to strangled range of motion, the nerve synapses depress to a whimper of their former joy.

RAEL applauds conclusion of UK Home Affairs committee on drug policy

Following its year-long inquiry into drugs policy, the Commons Home Affairs Committee concluded that efforts to combat the drug barons had failed and called for the UK Government to consider the possibility of legalizing and regulating the use of drugs.

Why do Raelians keep their hair long

The advanced series of messages received by Rael in 1973 and 1975, from the Elohim,(see, contains a vast array of information that touches every aspect of our life.

Rael in support of all caricatures

The caricature museum of the German city of Kassel made the headlines with a controversial cartoon hanging in its window, depicting Jesus on the cross.

Rael launches ‘One Minute for Peace Campaign’

In a recent address, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, proposed to have as many people as possible give just one minute of their time to meditate for peace.