China calls for de-Americanized world

Rael calls for an alliance of the ex-victims of colonialism

Bolivia should suspend diplomatic relations with US

Rael in support of Bolivian President whose plane was denied some European airpspace

Rael supports Argentinian decision to lower voting age to 16

After Argentinian lawmakers decided to lower Argentina's voting age to 16, Rael sent his congratulations to the Argentinian government, calling the new law "a great decision that should be applied worldwide."

Genetically modified athletes: why not?

The controversy over Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen’s astonishing gold medal performance during the Olympics has unleashed a new line of concern for the public...

Paradism, the end of capitalism thanks to robotics

China's robotics industry still lags that in other countries.

Rael in support of Brics Union

The fourth annual gathering of the world's fastest-growing economic powers – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – also called the BRICS, was held in New Delhi at the end of March during which the representatives of these countries proposed the creation of a joint development bank and discussed a greater stock market co-operation.

UK Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Pedophilia

UK Cabinet Admits To Have Blocked Lawsuit Against Pope

Rael calls for ‘planetized‘ arms industry under world government control

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), more than $400 billion has been spent in weapons and military services worldwide in 2010.

Rael in support of teen adventurer Laura Dekker

After 518 days and 27,000 nautical miles, 16 year old Laura Dekker has shown the Dutch authorities that she could sail around the globe by herself.

Bradley Manning Honorary Guide For His Courage To Leak Documents

Rael has bestowed the title of Honorary Guide for Humanity onto Bradley Manning.