Rael Takes Blasphemy Challenge

01 Feb, 2007
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There is no holy spirit

Blasphemy Rn The Rational Response Squad is a refreshing movement encouraging atheists to take what they call the Blasphemy Challenge. If you haven’t heard about it yet, just to summarize, in the Christian beliefs, it is said that Jesus will forgive any one of your sins, even the worst ones, but you cannot be forgiven if you deny the existence of the Holy Spirit. Generations of children who have been told so grew in the fear of being damned if doubts cross their mind… Fear of hell is torture and it is refreshing to see young people taking the blasphemy Challenge and claiming highly that there is no holy spirit.

Rael in support of this atheist organization and as the leader of the largest atheist organization that is the Raelian Movement has taken the Blasphemy Challenge and encourages all atheists and of course all Raelians to do so. The fear instilled in us as children has long lasting effects and may guide our behavior more than we consciously think. It is important to state your rationality in order to reinforce it in your brain.... and on top of that it is fun ;-)

You can see Rael's video here after and more...

Here is the video that was submitted for the challenge today:

Sometimes we are told that Raelians cannot be considered as atheists and that the Raelian philosophy is like any other religion, that it is based on "revelation" and that revelation without proof cannot be taken seriously.

Well, the "revelation" in our philosophy is that there is no such thing as revelation !!!

The information received by Rael from an extra-terrestrial intelligence is mainly about scientific facts that they say we will be able to prove soon in laboratories using a strict scientific method. There are no irrational or supernatural "revelations" in there... On the contrary, it demystifies all the pseudo-supernatural of the old religion, showing that the miracles of god or his Prophets can be easily understood now with our level of knowledge.
Rael was saying lately: “Let’s imagine that we are a civilization which hasn’t discover the law of gravity yet and an extra-terrestrial civilization explains it to us before we can check its scientific value with our own experimentation, it doesn’t make it a "revelation" but rather the communication of scientific knowledge by a more advanced civilization.”
If you remember well, ten years ago everyone thought that cloning was impossible. It was one of these strict scientific dogmas. These human beings who contacted Rael, informed him 32 years ago that we will be able to do it one day soon. It wasn’t a revelation, it was advanced information confirmed about ten years ago with the birth of Dolly the sheep.
Now, if we consider the THEORY of evolution, could we qualify it as an irrational "revelation" by a man having an almost supernatural "revelation"...One must admit that after many years, it has still not been proven in laboratories... but it is well accepted and is now a "dogma" of the common scientific world...

However the most important part of the message given to us by this very scientifically advanced extra-terrestrial civilization is that there is no supernatural, no god, no soul and no holy spirit and that if we want to reach higher levels of civilization we must abandon these primitive concepts... can we have a more scientific philosophy?
Even the traditional evolutionist scientific community doesn’t go so far and many of the so called "rational" scientists continue to believe in god, soul and holy spirit....

Rael also said: “Regarding the fact that this knowledge has been communicated to us by human beings from another planet, there is nothing supernatural in it as these extra terrestrials say that they are human like us and the scientific community agrees that we cannot be alone in the universe and we cannot be the most advanced civilization. So there is nothing supernatural or irrational even in this fact. Now the only thing which can be doubted is whether I met them or not...”
For the Raelians, this is not very important as for us it’s not the "contact" with them which matters but the Message they gave us. What matters is whether the message and all its 100 % rational and scientific content makes sense or not... and it does… check it out!
Our philosophy is in complete opposite to traditional "revealed" religions where it’s a matter of faith in a "revelation", like the Christian faith, where the most irrational things like the transubstantiation, making a piece of bread the flesh of Jesus, are fundamental to the faith in a revelation... There is nothing like it with our message which says that there is no supernatural, that all is science, and that everything else is pure superstition.