Rael Takes Blasphemy Challenge

01 Feb, 2007
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There is no holy spirit

Blasphemy Rn The Rational Response Squad is a refreshing movement encouraging atheists to take what they call the Blasphemy Challenge. If you haven’t heard about it yet, just to summarize, in the Christian beliefs, it is said that Jesus will forgive any one of your sins, even the worst ones, but you cannot be forgiven if you deny the existence of the Holy Spirit. Generations of children who have been told so grew in the fear of being damned if doubts cross their mind… Fear of hell is torture and it is refreshing to see young people taking the blasphemy Challenge and claiming highly that there is no holy spirit.

Rael in support of this atheist organization and as the leader of the largest atheist organization that is the Raelian Movement has taken the Blasphemy Challenge and encourages all atheists and of course all Raelians to do so. The fear instilled in us as children has long lasting effects and may guide our behavior more than we consciously think. It is important to state your rationality in order to reinforce it in your brain.... and on top of that it is fun ;-)

You can see Rael's video here after and more...


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