Rael applauds proposal for ‘mega-cities’ that grow vertically rather than horizontally

07 Jul, 2012
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Rael has expressed his approval to scientists who favor higher, rather than wider, cities as the world’s population continues to soar.


Rael has expressed his approval to scientists who favor higher, rather than wider, cities as the world’s population continues to soar.

He said a proposal by Dr. Karen Seto of Yale and Dr. Michail Fragkias of Arizona State
for expanding cities vertically rather than horizontally “is exactly what the [extraterrestrial] scientists who created us, the Elohim, recommended in the Message they gave us in 1973, and it’s what they do on their own planet.” (See rael.org).

The recent Rio+20 Earth Summit U.N. Conference, with all of its theatrics and non-binding declarations and documents, hasn’t given much attention to the work done by scientists like Seto and Fragkias. They’ve presented documented evidence about the dangers of ever-expanding cities, and they’re proposing the same solution Rael has recommended for nearly 40 years.
At the Planet Under Pressure Conference held in London ahead of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, Seto and Fragkias showed how conversion of Earth’s land surface to urban use is one of the most irreversible effects of human impact on the global biosphere.

According to their presentation, increasing urbanization ‘drives the loss of farmland, affects local climate, fragments habitats, and threatens biodiversity.
They reported that across all regions and for three decades, urban land expansion rates have been higher than or equal to urban population growth rates, suggesting that urban growth is becoming more expansive than compact. And according to their calculations, by 2030, 1,527,000 square kilometers of additional rural land will be transformed into urban landscape. That’s why they’re calling for more population-dense cities, cities that expand in height rather than continue to gobble up more land.”

Here is an excerpt from the Elohim Messages given to Rael, which included a description of the way a population of 7 billion is organized on their planet:

“Our [Elohim] cities have an average population of about 500,000 people spread over a very small area. An [Elohim] city is, in fact, a huge house situated in a high place, inside which people can do whatever they please. These ‘city houses’ are about one kilometer in both length and height, and they are traversed in all directions by waves used by everyone for travel purposes. You tie on a belt and then place yourself in a wave current, which transports you very rapidly to wherever you wish to go.
“Our cities are cube-like in shape so that they do not eat up the countryside as they do where you live. Indeed, one of your[Earth] cities with, say, a population of about 500,000, covers a surface area 20 times greater than one of ours. The result is that when you want to go into the country, you have to travel for many hours, whereas in our case we are there in only tens of seconds. The same architect conceives an entire city, so that it will be pleasing to the eye and harmonize perfectly with the scenery surrounding it.