Our support to the Carib Indians

15 Feb, 2005
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Movies and media shouldn

Caribindians2 The Raelian Movement is sending its support to one of the leaders of Dominicas Carib Indians, Mr Williams, for his efforts to have cannibalism references removed from a film on Pirates planned to be shoot soon by Disney Studios.
The Carib Indians stood up against early European conquerors and because they stood up they were described as savages and cannibals and this lie is still alive today. We agree with Mr Williams that we shouldnt perpetuate the lies of the colonizers through movies or any insidious media.
The same is going on with the indigenous of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. Even the American Indians are still considered as barbarian.
Ward Churchill, son of a native American, professor at the University of Colorado, recently wrote in one his essays : Since 1925, Hollywood has released more than 2,000 films, many of them rerun frequently on television, portraying Indians as strange, perverted, ridiculous, and often dangerous things of the past. Moreover, we are habitually presented to mass audiences one-dimensionally, devoid of recognizable human motivations and emotions: Indians thus serve as props, little more. We have thus been thoroughly and systematically dehumanized
The American public should think about the implications of such things the next time they witness a gaggle of face-painted and war-bonneted buffoons doing the "Tomahawk Chop" at a baseball or football game.
Some think that the treatment of Indians in American popular culture is "cute'' or "amusing," or just "good, clean fun."
What would happen if as a counterpart to the Redskins, there was an NFL team called "Niggers" to honor Afro-Americans with, as Ward Churchill suggests, half-time festivities for fans including a simulated stewing of the opposing coach in a large pot while players and cheerleaders dance around it, garbed in leopard skins and wearing fake bones in their noses. This concept obviously goes along with the kind of gaiety attending the Chop.
How come it is obviously incorrect to do it with black Americans but it sounds different where American Indians are concerned? Is it because they are so few, and too weak to defend themselves?
To create conditions leading to the destruction of an identifiable human group is a crime against "humanity", a Genocide.
There are only 3000 Carib Indians left in Dominica in a population of 70000. Many Caribs were killed by disease and war during colonization up to the 1600s. The same applies to the American Indians who are living in dire poverty on lands that are amongst the richest ones in America.
We are still witnessing genocides.
The Raelian Movement counts several ndigenousactive members who are fighting for their independance/survival like in Hawaii where one of our guides , leader of the Hawaian chapter, is a member of the royal Hawaian familly.