Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Involved in Extortion Plot and Civil Rights Violation

19 Mar, 2007
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Raelians have filed a tort claim

Hashem Rn The US Raelian Movement has filed a tort claim against the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) regarding employees who have been involved in a plot to extort millions of dollars from the Raelian Movement and its leader Rael. Threats of violence and an attempt to prevent Raelians from exercising their First Amendment rights were also involved as well as multiple violations of the IUPUI ethical codes regarding research with live subjects. See the full claim IUPUI tort claim

Ricky Roehr, leader of the US Raelian Movement declared: “Although they tried to portray a dangerous infiltration of the Raelian Movement, Abdullah Hashem, an IUPUI researcher and his team were granted full access to the annual Raelian seminar and interview of Rael and Raelian Movement members. This access was subject to our standard contract which states that any film footage is and remains the Raelian Movement’s property and that any edited footage could not be released without approval of the Raelian Movement.”

Hashem did not honor that agreement and along with his partners produced a film that falsely and sensationally accused the Raelians of criminal acts. Its premiere was hosted in November 2006, by the IUPUI Department of Religious Studies at Lilly Hall despite the knowledge that the footage was stolen and the content a biased and inaccurate portrayal of the Raelian Movement.

In December 2006, a further outrage was perpetrated by Hashem when the disputed film footage was used to incite a disabled man to make threats of violence against Rael.

To add to the offense Hashem offered to hand over the film footage to the Raelians, if the Raelians would cease all operations in the United States and Egypt and disburse all funds belonging to the Raelian Movement.

The parties named in the tort claim against IUPUI are: Abdullah Hashem, Joseph McGowen, Catherine Crouch, Dragonslayer Productions, Hashem Films, Mariah White, Brandon Javella , Professors David Craig, Kelly Hayes, and Thomas J. Davis and the IUPUI Religious Studies Student Association.

Ricky Roehr added: “This is not Abdullah Hashem’s first brush with misconduct. At IUPUI, in March 2006; he was sanctioned by the University Student Government and disqualified from running for office due to Voter Fraud and False Accusations of Misconduct.”

Brigitte Boisselier, Raelian official spokesperson in the picture above with Hashem, declared: "There is one annual seminar per continent where Raelians gather and enjoy sharing their philosophy and their joy to attend the teachings of their spiritual leaders. These seminars are a mixture of celebration and spiritual awakening ... no place for criminal acts there... The only criminals are those who come there to hurt us as our doors are wide opened to all.... but we also know how to use the law to protect ourselves. We know we will not change individuals like Hashem who are eager to make money out of anything, but when a university is involved, encouraging hatred like they have done supporting the work of Hashem, then something needs to be done!"