War Against Fear

28 May, 2005
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We need a worldwide revolution to destroy people's fear

Obp Listening The US and British governments are working on having a common technology for their new ID cards. Following this announcement, the Prophet Rael made the following statement :

30 years ago I announced that Genetic ID cards were coming soon. They are good for secure identification but bad for freedom. But all powers will coordinate their efforts to have everybody accept less freedom for the illusion of more security.

That's why we need a worldwide revolution to destroy people's fears and make again freedom and privacy the priorities. Fear creates more government power, more armies, more wars and more violence. The feeling of security gives less power to governments, less armies, less wars and less violence.

After the disappearance of USSR, US militaries were depressed and afraid to lose their privilege and huge budgets as USA had no more enemies. September 11 was welcomed by US militaries as a gift from "god" as suddenly all the nationalisms and so called "war on terror" were a good excuse to keep their power and budgets and even have more. The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq gave them all the prestige they needed to stay in power. All of this just because of unreasonable fears instilled in the public with the complicity of the medias, who, of course, sell more papers and advertising when they create fear in their audiences. So both the economic powers and the political powers have everything to gain from a collective fear.
Even if a paranoid world is created, with terror rating shown as weather forecasts, which is proven to be even worst than the weather forecast, as very high terror alert never materializes in any attack. But it keeps the collective paranoid fear alive and this is its only goal." Be afraid and give us power and money to protect you" that's the motto worlds politics and media. All of this with the help of only a dozen of men armed with cutters...

Now the biggest super power is in a "war against terror". As recently a US politicians explained to have a war you need 2 armies... Here there is only one, with a virtual ennemy who is only the fruit of pure negative imagination. But 300 billions dollars have been injected in the US army and benefit to the US corporations. And the profits realized by the medias due to the collective fear are huge. They are willing to be "imbedded" to any army in the world in order to make more money. And all occupation powers of the world are jumping on the so called "war on terror" to justify their violence, tortures, and illegal occupation.
China was the first in Tibet, Russia in Chechnya, Israel in Palestinian territories, and now China again in its Muslim areas, and many more eastern countries.
The lie of the "war on terror" is becoming the justification of an incredible erosion of freedom and privacy in the very country which was build in the name of freedom: USA, under the disguise of the so called "patriot act" which gives to US federal authorities as much power as the nazis SS. Now the whole world can torture prisoners, keep them in jail for a long time in concentration camps without trials and not respecting the Geneva convention by just naming them "detainees" or "suspected terrorists" and USA can say nothing as it started it...

The only way to save the world, the peace, and to be back to a peaceful civilization is to destroy this collective fear created and maintained on purpose by the politicians, the corporations and the medias. It's a very hard job as these three superpowers rule the world. But by instilling in the world population especially with this magic tool which internet is, we can make good defeat evil. If ten people with cutters created an evil wave, millions of peace loving peoples with keyboards and voting powers can defeat it. But to win this "war against fear" we must attack every aspect of this collective paranoia. This ID card is one of its aspects.