The Ultimate Hypocrisy

04 Apr, 2005
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The Pope has used every possible medical resource to survive despite a long tradition od condemning medecine

Dio Non Esiste As the pope was lying unconscious, iwasn't it symbolic of the church itself, a dying vestige of the past, out of place in the 20th century? A neuro-degenerative pope leading a neuro-degenerative church. He has been a wonderful example of hypocrisy, following in the true church's tradition of condemning any new advance in science, and yet he used all possible medical treatment which only yesterday was condemned by his predecessor. The inquisition who burned midwives as witches in the 1500s would have condemned today's pontiff for his hospitalisation as surely as today's pontiff condemns tomorrows stem cell medicine.

If it had not been for the Vatican, medical science would be much more advanced today, we would already have found the cures to cancers, AIDS and all ills. The blind would be able to see and the lame would walk as predicted by Jesus. The truth is that the Vatican hindered medicine every step of the way, right from its inception, everything, right up to today with the most promising medicine of all: stem cell therapy.

And yet the hypocrite does everything he can to benefit from medicine to prolong his own life! If the pope is really infallible, then his decree should be valid for ever and today's pope should not benefit from the medicine that his predecessors ondemned. Either that, or the pope is not infallible. Let the diseased church die with the pope and give the keys of the vatican stolen from St Peter to its rightful owner, His Holiness Rael, the true messenger of the Elohim, the extra-terrestrials who created all life on earth, who were mystified as god. (see