The mayor of Paris has practices of another age

21 Jun, 2005
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The freedom of thoughts doesn’t seem to be part of the human rights in France

Tractparisverso 000 Rn The mayor of Paris has issued an incredible pamphlet that is distributed throughout the city in which we can see a clear incitation to denounce people adopting "suspicious behaviours" like :becoming vegetarians, using natural medicines, being mystical, preoccupied by metaphysic or wondering what is the meaning of life !
France has been cited several times by international human rights organizations for its non-respect of religious freedom. Here is a translation of the pamphlet…. No need to comment more!


Maybe you know someone in your circle of friends, or your family who is a non conformist, a vegetarian, a mystic, someone who uses natural medicine to heal themselves, is preoccupied with metaphysics, wonders what is the meaning of life, or is promiscuous. The ADFI has established this list of symptoms to look out for which will confirm your suspicions:

They just made a change in:
- behaviour habits
- clothing and look
- vocabulary
- interests
- moving about within france or abroad
- weekly meetings, weekend gatherings
- many telephone calls
- lots of mail
- spends a lot of time reading or meditating
- food habits. Do they have any food taboos, any food which they strongly avoid? Taking vitamins or supplements? Or alternative medicine?
- Refuses science: do they have alternative explanations for the world, for life, for physical or biological mechanisms, compared to what was taught at school?

If this person shows several of these symptoms, don't hesitate to report them to the town hall of your area so that they can extract them from the grip of that sect

What should you do?
Build up a dossier:
- Note down the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of anyone linked to the suspect.
- Keep a diary recording any meetings or relationships that this person might have.
- Keep a watch the suspect’s circle of friends and check out what they read, the vocabulary they use, their timetables , their names and surnames.

Let us not remain complacent towards this danger. For all information, contact the CICA at your local town hall

Mrs Anne Hidalgo on 01 55 76 75 15 , 01 44 54 75 94

Support committee Anne Hidalgo

The city of Paris and the CICA
The fight against sectarian groups is the order of the day

The Town hall of the 18th precinct of paris has invited citizens and associations to participate in a CICA (Comite d?Initiative et de Consultation d?Arrondissement = Neighborhood Committee of Initiative and Consultation) on Wednesday the 30th march 2005 at 19h with Daniel VAILLANT and Anne HIDALGO, who is the 1st deputy to the Mayor of Paris, in order to present the action taken by the Ville de Paris and specialised associations and to take on concrete action in the fight against sectarian groups and their consequences.

The Ville de Paris has resolutely committed itself to fight against the development of sects by creating a network of neighborhood vigilance, establishing informational and preventional events for the general public and providing an increased support for the organisations who often work under difficult conditions against the dangers that these sectarian movements represent, especially towards the youth and more fragile members of society.

The fight against sectarian deviation is everyone’s business, and requires the mobilization of public authorities, associations, and especially of citizens whose vigilance is sometimes put to the test by the proselytism of groups who hide their true nature under the guise of extracurricular activities, sport, health, cultural and social activities.

Anne HIDALGO, the deputy Mayor of Paris assured us that the Mayor and other anti-sect organisations, has established a run down of all the sectarian movements in the capital, helped by the APUR who made a very useful map. This map has been distributed to all sectors, to all the town halls and allows one to identify the exact location where these movements are operating in the Paris area. A copy of this map is waiting for you in your town hall or you can get it from the APUR. This document illustrates the extent of to which these dangerous sects are present. Whatever they call themselves, or whatever good they claim to bring, they are dangerous and infringe on basic freedom and human rights as defined by the universal declaration of human rights.

Xavier LAUGAUDIN, counsellor of the 17th precinct, president of the association Attention Enfants has defined these groups and people who try to make money and control people as cash grabbers?.

If you wish to take part in the surveillance of the groups listed in the parliamentary reports 1996 and 1999, contact the town hall in your neighbourhood.

To order the map, call APUR on 01 42 71 28 14 , fax 01 42 76 24 05