RAEL's addendum to article on bulldozing in Palestine

23 Sep, 2005
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Was the destruction requested by Palestinians?

Demolished Home Gaza 2
Following new information gleaned by Leon Mellul from the Palestinian authority in Paris it appears that it was the Palestinian authority themselves who requested that Israel destroy the Israeli settlers’ houses following their withdrawal! This is unbelievable!

First of all, if this is really true, it means that the Palestinian authority is totally inept since so many Palestinians live in refugee camps, and it is our duty to inform refugee organizations and all opposition parties to the present ruling Palestinian authority about this terrible decision.

There is no doubt that the refugees living in tents would have accepted these houses with great pleasure. If so, then the present Palestinian authority doesn't represent the interest of the people. We must ensure that the Palestinian people are informed about this, so that they can vote against such a vandalistic authority in the next elections.

And even if the request really did come from the Palestinian authority, the Israeli government should have refused to destroy the homes and green houses out of respect for the refugees. If the Israelis would have said: "sorry but if you really don't like it you will have to destroy them yourselves and we will pay the cost", then I seriously doubt that the Palestinians would have gone ahead and destroyed them. How could the Palestinian authority have bulldozed all those houses while so many of their own people remain homeless? Would the poor Palestinian farmers really have wanted to destroy all those green houses like their own farms and olive trees had been destroyed? Unthinkable. If all this is true, then the Palestinian politicians responsible need to be replaced at the next elections by people who will genuinely act in the interest of the people. I would not be surprised if there were some shady dealings going on with dirty money exchanging hands to satisfy the Israeli settlers who didn't want to leave anything to the Palestinians. A full enquiry should be made into the whole affair. Was the request for destruction decided democratically by the Palestinian people or just by some leaders? This question needs to be answered.