Raelian Seminars... because the “land of toys” is in us

04 Jul, 2006
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in Canada from July 16th to July 23rd

Roberta Roberta is a Raelian Guide from Rome, Italy (on the picture).
Here is what she just sent to us about the coming Raelian seminars on the planet ( in Canada from July 16th to July 23rd, in Slovenia for Europe from July 30th to August 6th and in Japan from August 13th to August 20th)... Hope to see you there!!!

The Raelian seminar is the right place to live a week of fun, of laughter, of a philosophy of pleasure without limits, a philosophy that warms us up in this era of inner-frost because of all the tensions in the air that pollute our hearts, because of the disagreements everywhere, the religious fanatics, the crises, the moral and physical abuses… in this era of lack of love!

“The supreme manifestation of consciousness is love”, the Prophet Rael reminds us. And these seven days together will be a bath of love. Our consciousness will get oxygen, just like the dolphins jumping above the water to oxygenate themselves before going back into their ocean of habits…. It will be a week of intense pleasure!
We will do all we can so that these seven days become....
a real “Toy-land” like in the Pinocchio story and you will participate in making it happen. Like the great Italian actor Roberto Benigni says: “ Toy-land exists, it is inside everyone of us”, and we are all little Pinocchio, as, like him, we are telling lies to ourselves, the lies we tell the child inside of us when we convince him that we are what we choose, while, in reality, we are what others chose we should be!.

So, during these seven days, let’s learn how to stop telling ourselves lies and let’s dig in our inner Toy-land so that we can transform this planet into an amusement planet. That’s the true religiosity, not the one some people pretend to teach us at school or in the Churches, trapping us with taboos, dogmas, paradigms, fears that stifle the child in us, break its dreams and make it become little Pinocchio who grows up surrounded with lies, the lies he tells to himself, a little child who is desperate to feel free.
“The true religiosity always frees” (Raël).

So, if you want to live these seven days of religiosity with the wish to learn how to keep it pure so that you can spread it when you come back to your ocean of habits, come and free your Pinocchio, the rigid, woody liar, and transform it into a child made of flesh and bones, ready to live.
And you will see that this purity will bring back the beauty you had in the beginning, and little by little, the whole planet will get its original beauty as everything influences everything. And it is our joy of life that will influence this Humanity towards more joy..
So, don’t miss the seminar and have fun!