Rael Offers Excommunicated Archbishop Milingo to Become a Raelian Bishop

27 Sep, 2006
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An harmonious sexuality helps an harmonious spirituality

Milingo "Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is welcomed to join us and become a Raelian Bishop" declared RAEL, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement after learning that Emmanuel Milingo had been excommunicated from the Catholic Church for performing ordination of married men.

Mr Milingo who gave himself the mission to persuade the Church to allow priests to marry, could have saved many innocent children to be abused by frustrated priests, had he been successful. The huge percentage of pedophiles in the Catholic Church speaks for itself. The only way to stop this pedophile horror story is to make sure that Priests have a harmonious sexual life.

The Raelian Movement counts 41 Bishops, men and women of all walks, heterosexual and homosexual, who live the sexuality they choose and teach sexual freedom as one of the keys to live a harmonious spiritual life.

The 65,000 Raelians of the world would be happy to welcome Mr. Milingo among them for his determination to address one of the main hypocritical cover-up of the Catholic Church as excellently described by Amy Berg in his recent documentary "Deliver Us From Evil".