One trillion dollars globally spent on weapons in 2004

10 Jun, 2005
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The biggest scandal on earth

Obp Korea 57 A new report released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) an independent research institute, just revealed the extraordinary sums spent on weapons in 2004 - the sixth successive year in which arms spending increased. The global total spent on munitions topped $1 trillion!!! In contrast, the amount spent on aid to poor countries over the same period was $78.6bn.
America was the greatest spender on arms with $455bn, an increase from 2003 of 12 per cent. Britain, the second largest arms spender, spent $47bn - a tenth of the US total.
The Prophet Rael made the following comment today: This is the biggest scandal on earth and the biggest problem for the future of Humanity. 1 trillion is 1 billion of billions of $ wasted for nothing while scientists have no money to make researches. With only 1 year of this stupid military spending there would be no more 1 million children on earth starving to death, and a cure for AIDS and for cancer would have been found. Militaries are the cancer of humanity.