Media have the concentration span of a hummingbird

02 Dec, 2005
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We need real professionals

Hummingbird The world's first International Media and Environment Summit was held in Borneo, Malaysia, in the state of Sarawak, between November 30 and December 2, 2005.
The world's media have been criticized for being too negative in its reporting of environmental issues, crying wolf and overstating the doomsday scenario and at the same time having the concentration span of a hummingbird as stated by David Suzuki, film-maker.
Alan Thompson, the Chief Executive of News World International, said: "It is all very simple - the media leads public awareness, public awareness leads to public opinion, public opinion leads to public policy."

The Prophet RAEL made the following statement today, following reports on this news event:
This applies to all subjects, including how religious minorities are described, sometimes as "sects" or "cults"
One more time we need to replace journalists (and politicians) who have "the concentration span of a hummingbird" by real professionals, scientists mainly, and mostly sociologists, psychologists, neurologists, geneticists, to make new media (and governments) with the concentration span of an eagle.
To govern is to envision the future and prepare mankind for it, but actual governments predicted nothing and manage the present under panic as a result of their lack of vision of the future. And as brilliantly said here "the media leads to public awareness, public awareness leads to public opinion, public opinion leads to public policy", and we saw it with the Nazi holocaust, well prepared by people like Julius Streicher. Canadian Raelians experience it in their every day life as the result of a hatred campaign organized by Quebec media. This is why the responsibility of the media is so important. This is also why the people must read the media with a critical eye, protest against those misleading the public and boycott them if they don't change their tone. The internet revolution is a wonderful weapon against these bad media, and thankfully, internet news sites have already replaced traditional media and brought many of them to bankruptcy. The diversification of news sources and possibilities to see different views of the world events thanks to the internet is the solution to the problem. The success of Aljezeera, with more than 50 % of its website readers being Americans, prove that the world population is starting to escape from being indoctrinated by official traditional national media. As "the media leads to public awareness, public awareness leads to public opinion, public opinion leads to public policy" the multiplication of source of information leads to public awareness, which lead to a more rational public opinion, which then will force public policy to adopt more intelligent and respectful policies. We see it with the growing contestation of Bush’s illegal war in Iraq, but we will also see it in all other matters, like world environment protection, and religious minorities respect amongst many others. A more educated public thanks to the internet, means a huge change in expected results of votes. Finally the people's power is able to change the world by taking control of its own information and not letting anymore the traditional national official media forge their opinion."