In favor of Eugenics

01 May, 2002
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No parent, worthy of this name, would not wish for their children to have the best intelligence possible.

2 1108074047 Prophe The most recent scientific research in the field has proven that intelligence is genetic. Yet, another confirmation of the Messages.
There are many anti-science conservatives who try to scare off populations using the notion of risks attached to any genetic improvement of the human race.
Whether it involves parents wanting to choose their child's gender or physical attributes, these conservatives are against it claiming that this should remain the privilege of the god in whom they believe. They brandish the banner of eugenics which, in their minds, is necessarily racist and which they obviously link to the madness of the Nazis' idea of a "superior race".
But if intelligence is indeed genetic, this means that we will soon be able to improve it in which case those opposed to science must be completely hysterical as they are convinced that intelligence is caused by the environment. As if idiots, whether from the Alps or not, and Mongolians were the result of their environment.
Thanks to genetics, we will soon be able to choose not only the gender and physical attributes of our children, but also a superior intelligence that leans more towards either art or science.

Thanks to our understanding of DNA, eugenics is slowly becoming an exact science. Every parent in the world wish for their children to have the highest possible intelligence. And if their parents have been carriers of genetic defects for generations, giving them elephant ears or flat feet, they certainly don't wish for their children to continue to pass on these anomalies, let alone much more serious genetic illnesses.

Those opposed to this type of progress by comparing it to Nazi projects seem to forget a very important element - Nazis wanted to improve only one race in order to make it "superior" to all others. Modern genetic eugenics, on the other hand, will allow us to improve the human race as a whole irrespective of race, ethnicity or religion.
No parent in the world would consciously want to transmit a genetic defect to their children which would, as a consequence, make them suffer all their lives or even die prematurely. And no parent, worthy of this name, would not wish for their children to have the best intelligence possible.
To say: "only chance or god (which is another name for chance given by certain primitive peoples) has the right to determine whether the genetic illness from which I suffer will be passed on to my children or not" is a highly irresponsible and criminal attitude. To link the level of intelligence with chance when we now know that we can genetically select geniuses instead of idiots is as irresponsible and criminal an attitude and no parent with common sense will choose the latter when the technology will become available.
We will then be left with a few conservative and anti-science dinosaurs who will continue to generate genetically handicapped children until a law is passed forbidding this crime against future generations.

But there may be another hopeful avenue: perhaps we will be able to genetically modify the intelligence of these conservatives who will then miraculously understanding the seriousness of their mistake just as we now understand the link that exists between genetics and criminal behavior.

Like on the Elohim's planet, we are moving towards a world without jails in which those with violent tendencies will be genetically treated, and even towards a world without idiots who constantly cry against science or any form of progress.
All this will take place thanks to genetics.