Change Your Name

29 Jul, 2008
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It's yours to creaete for yourself

9year A New Zealand Court ruled that a nine year-old girl could change her name. Her parents had given her the name “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii”. Creative parents, don’t you think? :-)

While it’s great that these parents did not wish to follow the usual, same old traditional names, there are other points to be made.

The Prophet Rael said “Once reaching the age of puberty, everyone should be free to choose his or her first name so that no one has the burden to carry a name chosen by their parents if they prefer not to. Only the one carrying a name is concerned - no one else. By the way, family names should also be chosen freely once one is an adult. Names were originally only a way for authorities to identify people. Now that we can have genetic identity cards, there is no more need for names and everyone should be free to adopt a new family name like artists or religious leaders sometimes do. As for these families in New Zealand and elsewhere whose administration deny the right to choose freely the name they want, no matter how many letters, they have the choice and the freedom to not respect the authorities decisions at all and even if there is a name accepted by government on paper, continue to use the name they like. Because government papers are only papers and daily use is what matters.