World Bank should stop US illegal printing of money

20 Oct, 2007
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and ask Western World to pay its debt to the Thrild World

Ngozi2 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has just been appointed as the new director of the World Bank. After a few years as Finance minister in Nigeria, she returns to the World Bank where she has already been working for about twenty years. The President of the World Bank said in his nomination letter that she has been highly involved into the reduction of the debt of Nigeria, helping her country to cancel 18 billion dollars from the debt owed to the Club of Paris. When learning about her nomination, Rael made the following statement:
It will be interesting to see how Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala behaves when she is in charge of the World Bank which is mainly a tool of domination for the imperialist and colonialist powers; we shouldn’t place the mention ‘ex’-before the words “imperialist” and “colonialist” as these powers are still in place economically.
If she would claim the immediate payment of the debt owed to the third world, she would have all our support… yes, I am talking about the debt owed by the imperialist and colonialist countries, including the interests, for the genocides and slavery damages which are ten times bigger than the so-called debt of the poor countries.
The partial cancellation of the debt of Nigeria is not even a victory as it only happens as a reward to those who bend and comply with the models imposed by the imperialists and colonialists through their tool which is the World Bank.
If the “World Bank” was really independent and efficient, it would immediately request a change in the USA politics as the USA is the country with the biggest debt in the world. It keeps financing wars and illegal occupations while surviving economically by illegally printing billions of a dollar that has no real value anymore. When a “poor” country does the same, it is punished immediately…
The World Bank just like the UN have lost their credibility since they don’t even have a democratic representation. The votes of the countries are not proportional to their population. On top of that only the biggest imperialistic powers have a right to veto, a right to be at the Security Council or, among other things, the right to possess hundreds of thousands of nuclear missiles while condemning those who would dare to develop one like Iran.
If the USA and France have the right to have thousands of them, every country should have the same right. If the USA has the right to print each night billions of dollars, all countries should be able to do the same.
But the super powerful countries give themselves all the rights because they have military superiority. This is colonialism by essence. Oppressed people should rebel because it is only with rebellion that things can change as the end of the Roman Empire proved it.
When injustice is imposed by force by a rich minority onto a huge majority of poor people, the financing of military domination and insurgent control becomes too heavy for the imperialists and their bubble ends up exploding. This is what the admirable countries that are Afghanistan and Irak are now demonstrating and it is only the beginning. It is encouraging to see the USA hesitating to attack Iran because they already don’t have the means anymore to finance their crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is where the World Bank should intervene and sanction the USA. However it is not doing it because it is only a puppet.
It is time for dominated countries to unite like Chavez is starting to promote it, in order to replace these ghost entities that are the UN and the World Bank, by organizations which would have real democratic power based on the number of inhabitants and not on the right of the richest. The latter wouldn’t have exclusive rights anymore to possess certain weapons that other cannot have and they wouldn’t have exclusive veto rights or rights to print money illegally to finance their artificial domination.
Europeans have become masters in the art of financing their domination with the money of colonized and oppressed peoples: from the pillage of the gold of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, to slavery, colonization, including the most diverse genocides as the one of North American Peoples, called by mistakes the Indians, and finally to stealing the raw materials through an economical colonialism. Everything is good for this European minority to keep its domination on the other races and peoples.
They are ready to do anything so that nothing changes and they can keep on dominating the world, like creating puppet organizations as the United Nations and the World Bank, giving them a legal existence by creating the myth of an international community…. The pseudo “International Community” has value for them only when it works towards maintaining their domination. But if Palestinian people, Lebanese people or Venezuelan people elect democratically individuals who do not satisfy them and who are hostile to them, then their beautiful theoretical values are gone in pieces and their desire for more power and gain is finally made obvious to all.
In other words, when they say “ we wish to keep on helping the Third World for ever”, it means “ we wish to stay the rich and dominating countries for ever”, because if things were really evolving, the rich persons who give wouldn’t always be the same. Everything else is cover-up and make-up to hide the systematic organization of the continuous domination of the imperialism and of the colonization by the Europeans and their American descendants.