UFO over Chicago airport

04 Jan, 2007
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not a weather phenomenon

Rael Last November, many employees at Chicago O'Hare airport saw a spinning grey disc hovering over the airport. Like millions around the World, they witnessed what governments are trying hard to deny. And as millions in the World, they were told that it was just another "weather phenomenon" and the FAA decided to not investigate any further. Weather? Swamp gas? Birds? Aren’t the employees of an airport quite knowledgeable about weather phenomena, swamp gas and birds? It's funny to see the "experts" laughing at the possibility that there are such things as UFOs while believing in an all-powerful god who created everything from nothing in 6 days and yet they comfortably label people who understand UFOs exist as fringe, fanatics even though millions have seen and even filmed UFOs? Is it necessary to point out the numbers of people who have seen UFOs compared to those who have claimed to see god? :-)

Stories of UFO sightings continue to flood in from all over the world. These craft have been seen by people for thousands of years. In ancient India they were called "vimanas" (flying ships) and are still common knowledge to any school child familiar with Hindu legend. Mohammad was taken up into the sky as were many of the ancient Prophets of the Bible, the Koran, the Mahabharata, Shinto scriptures etc. One can see nearly undeniable depictions of these craft in dozens of very old religious depictions as seen on http://dudeman.net/siriusly/ufo/art.shtml . In recent times one can read the testimonies of thousands of extremely reliable witnesses. Military officials, including naval officers who have seen these ships going in and out of the water. (read more on this in Intelligent Design where The Elohim told Rael in 1973 that They abandoned Their original mountain bases for underwater bases which are less accessible to man. Oops! Don't want to give away too many details...hehe!) Military and commercial pilots who are very familiar with the skies and "weather phenomenon", law enforcement officers who have courageously put their reputations on the line even though the governments marginalize such witnesses. Even former NASA astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts have stepped forth with these accounts of UFOs!

Of course there are the hoaxers out there just as with crop circles and other heretofore phenomenon which are not completely explained yet. And indeed many sightings can be explained by other rational means. We like rational! That's science! But after all rational investigation, one cannot negate the massive numbers of sightings which remain as verifiable flying ships. Even if only 5% were real this means there have been tens of thousands of these craft watching our Earth in only the last couple of generations. Just do a Google search for UFO photos and you'll spend weeks looking at images and film footage, some of which are very compelling.

So, it could even be said that after we dismiss the sightings which can indeed be explained, what we are left with are IFO's, not UFOs, since we know what they are and Who is in them. ;-) The "who" is much, much more interesting than the ships, don't you think? :-) We invite you to read Intelligent Design - Message from the Designers where you will discover a deeper meaning to these visitations. Our Creators, The Elohim, are watching us, patiently, appearing more often so as to acclimate us to the wonderful paradigm shift starting to take place - a shift from believing to one of understanding. :-)))