There is no such thing as sex addiction

11 Dec, 2008
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Only sex diversity

SexaddictA few months ago, the well loved US actor, David Duchovny, checked himself into a clinic for sex addiction. UK actor Russell Brandt was reported as going for sex addiction rehab as well. It seems that many experts believe that sex addiction exists and describe "Sex addicts” as “people who lose control over healthy sexual choices”; people who say things to themselves like, 'I'm not going to go to that place for sex' or 'I'm not going to see that person for sex' but they continue to do it anyway.”
Why would they consider such a behavior as unhealthy?

Rael said the following:
“This is a very stupid trend to normalize people and a very dangerous creation of what can become "reeducation camps". You can enjoy a lot of sex and porn and not being addicted at all. There is no such thing as "a normally functioning sex life" as everybody is different and has different levels of libido. Some people are happy having sex once a year while some others need it 5 times a day, it's all about different levels of hormones and everybody has the right to be different and to enjoy their own differences. A "normally functioning sex life" can be very different for everybody, as religious values, age, sexual orientation, and cultural values make a lot of different "normalities". For example, it is "normal' for Muslims to have up to 4 wives, but not for Christians... For heterosexual people it's normal to have sex with a person of the opposite sex while for gay people it is normal to have sex with a person of the same sex. For fundamentalist Christians it is "normal" not to have sex outside of wedlock and to have sex only for reproduction... And for Raelians it is normal to enjoy sex without marriage and using birth control methods to prevent having unwanted children (which is much better!). So, enjoy your sex life without trying to be "normal"! "Normalization" is the worst kind of social mental conditioning, conformism, and denial of individual freedom. Be yourself no matter what they say!”

Behind the definition of sex addiction, we haven’t ben able to find any scientific background but just a set of beliefs…
In a recent report on ‘sex addicts’, an expert said about his patients that "They hate themselves often for the types of places they go to and the behaviors they engage in.”
It is interesting to ask why they would hate themselves for that? Why would they feel guilty about something that doesn’t harm anyone? The only answer is the guilt imposed by a society under the influence of god believers, a society that is actually the only one addicted entity: addicted to god, addicted to guilt, addicted to religious paradigms that have nothing to do with the modern understanding of our biology.

We Raelians believe that we have been created by human scientists in their image and that they gave us the diversity of sex and the pleasure associated to it so that we all enjoy it fully, always in full respect of our partners of course… There is no such thing as sex addiction, there is only sex diversity!