There is no such thing as infidelity

06 Mar, 2006
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Only a vast array of genetic make-ups

Infidelity Article It was quite a shock for most of the Raelians who read Rael-Sciences today to discover an article published about a website where some women have listed the name of their ex-boy friends and explained how these partners “cheated” on them, posting details on allegedly bad behavior. Some are even posting pictures of their present boy friend to find out if he has been “cheating” during his previous relationship… The author of the site declared to the Independent newspaper: "We just thought it would be a good idea to find out if a man was a cheater or a liar before investing time in him, perhaps by searching a large database along the lines of the FBI's most wanted."
And just four months after this site was launched, more than 20,000 Britons have already joined up!
It is really sad to see that the common Judeo-Christian notion of infidelity is still dictating the patterns of couple’s relationships…
Scientific studies have proven that men and women are made to have several partners in their lifetime. A recent study has shown that romantic love corresponds to an increase of specific chemicals in our body that lasts for a few months and usually disappears completely after 2 years (Psychoneuroendocrinology journal, September 2005 issue, study made by Dr Emanuele). Even if two individuals are madly in love at some points, it is very likely that they could be madly in love with someone else 2 years later and we all have tens of examples of such a situation. This is the way we are made; this is our biological make-up, our genetic make-up. This is also fully confirmed by the reality of our society: most marriages collapse and lead to divorces within 5 years and most couples have partners outside of their relationship. The reason why some have multiple partners most of the time is not related to the fact they are in love with someone else, it is also because some of us are only fulfilled when they have several partners while some others are content with only one partner or no partner at all. There are no rules on this matter, only a large array of genetic make-ups that lead to a large array of behaviors.
These behaviors have been also related to the amount of oxytocin we produce. This hormone is often called the “attachment hormone” and its quantity in our body is proportional to the attachment we feel to our source of pleasure. The more oxytocin we produce, the more attached we are to our partner. Those who produce naturally a large amount of oxytocin will stay attached to their first lover for life while those who naturally produce only a little amount of oxytocin are more likely to have several partners. If two persons fall in love and have a big difference in their oxytocin level, it is more than likely that when the “romantic love chemicals” have recessed, the one with a low level of oxytocin will have other partners and the one with the high level of oxytocin will put the face of his/her partner on a website and claims he has the terrible disease called “infidelity”…

This is one of the hypocritical attitudes of our society that the Prophet Rael has been denouncing for 32 years as it is the source of so much suffering. Now science is here to demonstrate his teachings on this matter and participants to Raelian seminars not only receive all the scientific evidences to support the fact that there is no such thing as “infidelity” or “ownership” between human beings but also the tools to avoid living these terrible emotions that are jealousy and guilt.
We have been created with the largest array of genes, making us different facing similar situations and thanks to these differences, life is rich and contrasted. Raelians, conscious of the importance to change the perception of the public on this topic, are preparing a site about sexual and religious infidels, after an idea of the Prophet Rael, called
If you want to know how to get rid of the primitive emotion that is jealousy and live conscious and fulfilling relationships, free of guilt or suspicion, freely opened and blossoming, come to one of the seminars given by the Prophet Rael or consult the nearest Raelian guide in your region ( who will be more than happy to give you a taste of what the Prophet Rael has taught Raelians on this subject.

To share one’s life is a wonderful experience if built on the right foundations.

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