The US Raelian seminar in the desert

28 May, 2006
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Rael's dream factory

Rllv60 The annual US Raelian seminar ended a few days ago. The teachings of the Prophet Rael were so powerful that no one could leave the premises untouched. On the last night, we all went to the desert nearby and had a picnic at sunset. Then, slowly, the stars appeared and our Rael made us feel the infinite Universe, the infinite number of Humanities out there and the possibility to be accepted amongst the peaceful ones, one day. That dream developed throughout the week and is now strong in the minds of all the participants. No one wanted to leave the desert. We sang and laughed. A moment of eternity…
The seminar started with a powerful speech by the Prophet Rael which we can share a little through notes… but remember, to have the full flavor of his unique teachings, don’t miss his next seminars (in Canada from July 16th to July 23rd, in Slovenia from July 29th to August 6th and in Japan from August 12th to August 20th).

Excerpts of the beginning of his speech, taken from notes:

“What is best? To live 100 years of a boring life or one second of an intense happy moment? To live 100 years watching the “Wheel of Fortune” or one day of perfect joy and happiness? One day with the best partner ever or one lifetime with a boring partner? You choose.
You chose and you are here.
You may have been told “they are a sex cult, they will steal your money”. Your money will not leave you without your authorization and if you are here to have sex, you may be disappointed as this is a private matter and the participants live the life they want. But these people warning you out there are actually jealous of your happiness, jealous of you realizing your dreams…

Welcome to Rael’s dream factory!

Don’t limit your dreams. We are made to have infinite dreams. If your dreams are limited to a new car, new home, new shoes, it is not enough.
Your brain is a maxi-computer made to develop infinite dreams, not to dream of a car or a house. Upstream the level of your mind! When you were five or six, your dreams were bigger.
You may win ten million dollars. You will feel happy at first but then it will disappear and you will sit and see that you have no dreams, because you have no spirituality.
Use the dream factory that you have to generate infinite dreams.

To have infinite dreams means that you cannot reach the end of your dreams and the first thing to realize to achieve that, is that infinity is contrary to perfection.
The first myth to kill in your mind is the myth of perfection. It is your biggest enemy, like an alien inside of you.
Nothing in the Universe is perfect, even the Elohim. Infinity is not perfect but it is in harmony. You cannot be in harmony if you think of perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection is self-destruction.
Take your sexual life for example. You want to be a prefect lover and having this in mind, you have no pleasure. So many myths about sex performance! So many spasms about penis enlargement!! I wish we could generate spasms saying “enlarge your consciousness”.

Be yourself, because nobody else can be you!”

And much more…. At your next seminar 