The Right To Return

16 Apr, 2006
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must be reciprocal

Rael Ozland A text written today by the Prophet RAEL
Those who regularly read the articles that I select for RAEL-SCIENCE, particularly the Israeli Raelians or those of Jewish origin, might have sometimes wrongly thought that my support was for the Palestinians, suggesting that I was anti-zionist and therefore anti-IsRael. As if the Machiah could be anti-Israel!! or be against the country where he should return to build the Elohim’s Embassy.
You only need to read the messages to realise that there are no people more Zionist than the Raelians, since it is clearly written that the age of Apocalypse will have arrived when the people of IsRael find their country again. And the Machiah that I am is here to confirm the absolute Right that the Jewish people have today, whether they become Raelian or not, of returning to the Land of their ancestors as promised by the Elohim. But that does not mean the return should inflict unacceptable suffering to the people living in this region nor can it justify the theft of their houses or territories or the deportation of the inhabitants. The Israelis of Jewish origin, all the more because they are the people of the Elohim, have the sacred duty of never imposing on others the sufferings that they have been subjected to during the past millennia. It is their duty and should be their source of pride not to make others suffer what they have suffered themselves. The Jewish people’s sacred Right to return to their country should go hand in hand with the Palestinian refugees’ Right to return to their homes from which they were driven out of by the war.

The sight of Jews of the extreme right pushing for a massive deportation of millions of Palestinians of Israeli nationality who presently live legally in IsRael, and who have the legal right to possess an Israeli passport, is an abomination and insult to the Elohim, by those whose role is specifically to ensure that human values be respected. That is nothing less than “ethnic cleansing” which quite rightly is considered a crime against Humanity.

The reason wheeled out by these racist extremists is that the number of Palestinians in IsRael will soon overtake the number of Jews, because they have more children. And that is also the argument used by those who oppose the return of Palestinian refugees back to their own homes. In other words, as far as these extremists are concerned, IsRael must remain a racist state where the Jews have to remain in the majority at all costs, and even at the cost of ethnic cleansing, and through restricted immigration making it very difficult for non-jews to enter while Jews may return freely. What would the world Jewish community think, or even the IsRaeli government itself, if one day a state would expel them en masse under the pretext that they had become too numerous compared to non-jews? How would they react if one day the US would say “there are too many Jews in New York (more than 50% of the population is Jewish) so we have to expel them to IsRael”? Of course this would be totally unacceptable!

Peace in the middle-east is possible if all parties concerned respect each other and recognise equal rights for each other. The Right for the Jewish people from all over the world to return back to the Land of their ancestors must be accepted by all the Arab-Muslim people and no doubt will be. But the Palestinians’ right to return back to their houses in IsRael must also be recognised. Even if the Jews become a minority in IsRael, that is no problem. South Africa saw its extremely minoritary white population, which had imposed its control on the black majority through the repugnant racist laws of apartheid, finally end up accepting democracy to live in harmony in a country where all the inhabitants have equal Rights. And the white minority is respected and continues to benefit the whole population with its specific talents.

An IsRaeli state where Jews are in the minority because the Palestinian refugees return home could also know the same harmony and security. For many centuries Jews and Muslims have lived on these lands in perfect harmony. It is only the recent inhuman intransigencies which brought about these bloody conflicts. The right to return must be accepted reciprocally and simultaneously and then peace will reign. What is more, an IsRaeli state which specifically re-integrates returning Palestinians would probably remove the need for a separate Palestinian state and the people of these territories would probably accept to be part of IsRael and to live in an IsRaeli state which respects their Rights.

The dream of certain extremists of creating a “Greater Israel” would then be realised peacefully. For this, Israelis must relinquish their desire to remain a majority through successive ethnic cleansings. They must accept to trust a non-jewish majority as did the South Africans who accepted to trust the black majority. It is possible. The true Arab and Muslim tradition is based on tolerance and respect for minorities, even though this tradition has been hijacked by some extremists. Arabs and Muslims integrated with equal rights in an IsRaeli state would absolve all their hate and thoughts of terrorism if they suddenly feel integrated rather than robbed of their property and rights.

A Greater IsRael of Arab-Muslim majority, marrying the qualities of both peoples would become huge economic power. The genius and business sense of the Jews working together with the hands-on and intellectual potential of the large young Palestinian population would create a country whose potential was enormous, wielding fantastic developmental means, partially because of the drastic reduction in military budgets which are presently wasted in IsRael and partially because of the immediate opening of the market in neighbouring Arab countries with their enormous oil riches.

IsRael’s choice can transform the hell of the middle-east into paradise. But for that, all apartheid must be stopped and the Right to return must be reciprocal.

The Machiah RAEL