The Judas Gospel

13 May, 2006
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Another vision of a Prophet's life

Judasgospell2 Have you seen that article in the National Geography issue of this month? (www.ngm/gospel ). Christianity is definitely living troubled moments
An ancient text, lost for 1,700 years is resurfacing, almost destroyed, but still readable by experts and what they read is not the story Christians are used to reading. This story is the gospel according to Judas, the most famous betrayer who now appears to be the truest disciple of Jesus. This document has been known for a long time as Christian leaders of the early Christian centuries were telling their disciples back then to not believe in what was said in the Judas Gospel. It was banned definitely by Constantine, the Emperor who gave an official status to Christianity. Now we can understand why it was banned, it was definitely not politically correct...

One of the highlighted information given by the National Geography’ article is that Judas “betrayed” Jesus at the request of Jesus himself who wanted to free his “soul” from his body. According to this gospel, Jesus asked him to be killed, as a favor. To encourage him to do so, he said: “lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it”. It is also said that Judas had a revelation in which he enters a “luminous cloud”. People on the ground heard a voice from the cloud, though what it says may be lost forever due to a tear in the papyrus.
Let’s remember that the only big things in the sky during that time were clouds so this word was the most common description of the flying vehicles of the Elohim. Since there were no solid flying objects 2000 to 4000 years ago, and the only things close were thunder or storm, this is a logical relation. The bible describes Yahwe riding a swift cloud, is he literally sitting atop a cloud flying in the sky? It describes the cloud turning to fire at night, are we to believe that it catches on fire? We all know clouds can't burn. When it stays in a stationary position for months, catching fire every night and burning out every morning, are we really talking about a cloud? No, this, or these, are not clouds. They are only named such because no one had ever heard about planes, spacecrafts or UFOs. They didn't even have balloons back then, so every flying object was named cloud.
(More on this subject in the book “Intelligent Design”).

This article also elaborates on the struggle between the Gnostics and the hierarchical church. The Gnostics were followers of a similar strain of Christianity, reflected in the Judas Gospel that didn’t accept the official church based on the four official gospels, which are still the official ones today.
The article reports that in the very first scene of Judas gospel, Jesus laughs at the disciples for praying to “your god”. He compares the disciples to a priest in the temple, whom he calls “a minister of errors” planting “trees without fruit, in my name, in a shameful manner”. He challenges the disciples to look at him and understand what he really is, but they turn away.
The image of a Prophet in the public is usually the image of an individual who would speak encrypted words in a very slow pace and makes miracles. Prophets have been human beings who were given the mission to inform and change the world. Each one of them probably had more specific missions to achieve and was given advanced knowledge to assert their power amongst primitives making what was then considered as miracles. But they were made of flesh and blood and had a human life.
Some people are offended to imagine that Jesus may have been married and had sex with Mary Magdalene. We can see it through the frenzy around the “Da Vinci Code” book that hints that Mary Magdalene may have been one of the main apostles and had received teaching that no other disciples had received on top of carrying his child. A Christian relative of mine didn’t sleep for two days after reading the Da Vinci Code, as her “fairy tale type of beliefs” was too shaken by the hinted human life of Jesus. The sexual life of Jesus is strictly taboo. Amongst the Gnostics groups, one of them, the Carpocratians, allegedly indulged in ritualized spouse swapping. Would an early Christian group do such a practice, highly controversial at this time as well, if their Prophet had discouraged it? Is it possible that Jesus had encouraged free sex? As our society is built on the concept of family, it is not ready to look at Prophets with a disturbing angle. And when the Prophet Rael says that sex, like every other pleasurable activity, is awakening and should be practiced freely between willing adults, he is quickly classified as the leader of a sex cult. Could Jesus have been the first leader of a sex cult ?

While Christians stressed that only Jesus, the “son of God” was simultaneously human and divine, the Gnostics proposed that ordinary people could be connected to god in the same way as Jesus. Judas gospel states that “salvation lays in awakening that divine spark within the human spirit and reconnecting with the divine mind. Doing so required the guidance of a teacher, and that, according to the Gnostics, was Jesus’ role”.
Raelians can relate to that as one of the missions of our spiritual leader, the Prophet Rael, is to teach us how to connect to infinity through meditation and how to connect to our true self. He is the teacher of happiness and his teachings are spreading more and more through the planet. Today, hundreds are landing in Las Vegas to receive his latest teachings which he gives for free, just like the messages he received from our Creators are downloadable for free on our websites, as his mission is for a whole planet to awaken and welcome its Creators, in a non-mystical way.
Thank you so much Beloved Prophet for giving so much of your time and energy and for continuously touring the world to enlighten us while demystifying the enlightening process.
More on his latest teachings in the next Contact.