The behavior of the descendants of the Shoa is unacceptable

10 Jul, 2011
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A recent letter to the editor was posted by an Israeli person on regarding the swastika that is part of the Raelian symbol.


A recent letter to the editor was posted by an Israeli person on regarding the swastika that is part of the Raelian symbol.

Here is what this person wrote:
The International Raelian Movement may sound harmless, but in fact the Raelians are anti-Semitic and they call for the Palestinian takeover of the state of Israel.
The choice of the swastika intertwined with the Star of David as their flag is not based on some notion of peace and harmony. It is based on hatred of "the Jew people" as their leader, Rael, likes to call Israelis. Being wary of the Raelians is not being paranoid.

The leader of the Raelian Movement in Israel and Palestine made the following answer:

I have read this reader's opinion and would like to know who are the "anti semitic" ones. Her or the Raelians?
As she seems very ignorant, allow me to remind the readers that the "Semitic People" are not only Jews, but also Muslims. Offsprings of Sem (called Shem), Noah's son and grand father of Abraham. Probably she also ignores Abraham was Isaac's and Ismael's father...
I suggest you to visit the Raelian site and educate your self about the meaning and origins of the Swastika.
This opinion obviously emanates from a fanatic blind Jewish writer who supports the Israeli government's crimes... The behavior of those who are the descendants of the Shoa is unacceptable and has nothing to envy with the treatment the Nazis imposed on us! As direct descendants of our Creators the Elohim, Jews who call themselves the "The chosen People" should be an example of love and compassion to Humanity. Instead of that, they behave exactly like torturers.

It's very funny to note that on Passover we read the Hagada and eat bitter herbs to remind us of those who made our life bitter when we were slaves in Egypt for over four hundred years. But without any consciousness at all by asking our selves: Why have we been making the Palestinians lives bitter for the last 63 years?

As followers of Rael who was selected by our Creators the Elohim as their last Messenger, the long awaited Mashiach who was given a message to Humanity, we must reveal and defend the truth. Even if the truth hurts!
For your information, the real Jewish People are the Raelians who recognize the Elohim as our Creators. They are much more Jews than those who are born from Jewish mothers. Or those who pray the Elohim ignoring their existence and requests to have their Embassy (3rd Temple) build in isRael.
So instead of writing crap, why don't you educate your self a little bit more and behave like real Jews should!

Leon Ariel Mellul
Grand Rabbi of the Raelian branch of Judaism in isRael