Swiss Acquit the Last Witch

27 Aug, 2008
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Christian Churches' compassion

WitchExecuted in Switzerland for being a witch more than 220 years ago, Anna Goeldi was finally exonerated this Wednesday (August 2008).
Anna Goeldi was the last person beheaded in Europe for such a reason. The witch-hunts in all Christian countries raged between the 14th and 18th centuries and thousands of people, mainly women were tortured and killed for having been deemed as witches.
The Swiss canton government said the Protestant church council, which held the trial back in 1782, had no legal authority and had decided in advance that Goeldi was guilty. She was executed even though the law at the time did not impose the death penalty for what she was accused of, i.e. non-lethal poisoning.

Rael commented “This is another example of the "love and compassion" of the Christian churches assassinating people almost yesterday in Switzerland. It wasn’t so long ago! And they would do exactly the same today if they had the power to do so. This is why it's important to fight Religious power at every opportunity and its influence over government officials and to expose all their crimes, especially in Switzerland where there is a de facto law of silence about it. Silence means that it is accepted all too easily”.

In memory of Anna Goeldi, all the Swiss people who are against religious persecutions, against the crimes of the churches including the covered-up pedophilia of the Catholic Priests and against the influence of the Catholics on the media and the politicians, especially in Valese, should stand up and denounce the current mechanisms that leads a country to launch new ‘hunts’, each time someone disturbs the Swiss order.
The sect-hunts launched by the Catholic church and supported by the Government and the media is the perfect example of the mechanism that killed Anna Goeldi. Hopefully, the Human Rights Council will have it stop before it is too late…