Stephen Hawking's warnings about aliens based on evolutionist prejudice

30 Apr, 2010
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Stephen Hawking's new documentary series “Universe” will air on the Discovery Channel starting on Sunday May 9.


Stephen Hawking's new documentary series “Universe” will air on the Discovery Channel starting on Sunday May 9. In that documentary, Hawkins joins the numerous scientists who now say that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist.
The universe, he points out, has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a big place, Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has “evolved”.
This is where Raelians start to disagree as the Raelian philosophy states that the Universe is infinite and that life has always existed and will always exist in an infinite number of forms, implying then infinite in space and time. Infinity is one of the main concepts of the Raelian philosophy, very often rejected by the Scientific community for it is difficult to prove infinity. It is however what they will most likely propose soon, after pushing the boundaries of the known Universe over and over again.
The other main point we disagree with is his warning regarding aliens' intents. Hawking suggests that seeking aliens out is dangerous and that humanity should be doing all it can to avoid any contact. He suggests that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”
Rael commented on these pessimistic ruminations :
“With these views, Hawking demonstrates that he’s not only physically handicapped but mentally handicapped by the degenerative disease of ‘evolutionism’ or ‘Darwinism. His fears about murderous, invading aliens are based on the theory of evolution – the myth of evolution, to be more precise. He’s afraid humans are inferior to aliens who might invade. That’s logical, but only if you accept the myth of evolution.”

Rael called evolution “a magical, irrational concept” that does great harm. “Hitler’s views about superior Aryans; slavery and apartheid; and Hawking’s delirium of aliens wiping out humanity all fit perfectly with the evolution myth,” he said, adding that he admires the stance taken by Swedish scientist Soren Lovtrup.
“Lovtrup said Darwinian evolution will one day be considered the greatest deceit in the history of science and that it’s anti-science and false,” he said. “I agree.”
And the truth about the origin of life on Earth?
“It’s the result of intelligent design, not by just one so-called godly designer but by extraterrestrial designers, plural, called the Elohim,” Rael said. “With intelligent design, you automatically have intelligent organization of the universe as well, organization based on peace and love, not on monsters ready to invade and destroy humanity.”
“Intelligent designers wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy their creation,” Rael said. “What’s more, with cosmic laws based on intelligent design, violent species wind up self-destructing before they can spread their violence to other planets.”
Is this a lesson for humanity?
“We can use weapons of mass destruction to eliminate ourselves,” Rael explained. “We don’t need alien invasions for that; we’re powerful enough and stupid enough to do it ourselves unless peace and love prevail. Stephen Hawking is doing a terrible thing by instilling fear. Fear leads to poor health, bad behaviors and the militaristic policy of weapons accumulation that can lead to humanity’s self-destruction. The world needs peace, love and global disarmament, not fear. And we must eliminate the myth of God and the myth of evolution, since both of these myths perpetuate fear and violence.”

It is important to state again that any form of humanity that has reached a level where it can leave its planet and reach for other humanities, have also reached a level of technology where they can destroy themselves. If they don't destroy themselves, it means they have reached a level of love and peace that make them worthy of contacting other civilizations. This rule is quite simple and universal. This is why Raelians are so eager to inform the planet of the wish of those who created us to come and visit us again. They came on Earth and created every form of life like described in all ancient texts, old religion scriptures and stories told by ancestors in the most remote parts of the planet. They created us in their image, lived with us for a while and left us develop until we reach a level where we can understand that they are no gods but advanced human beings willing to meet with us again... read more on or download the book Intelligent Design.