Spanish Raelian Movement supports Zapatero's female majority cabinet

14 May, 2008
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Female intelligence in power should bring less violence

Rodriguez Zapatero 2 “The Spanish Raelian Movement supports Prime Minister Jose Zapatero's female majority cabinet,” said Princess Loona, spokesperson for the organization.

Zapatero, who won a second term in March, now has more female than male ministers in his cabinet, and there is a new ministry of gender equality. Moreover, Defense Minister Carme Chacon is seven months pregnant.

The prime minister says he is both pro-feminist and anti-macho, and his actions prove it.

"With the exception of Scandinavia, Spain’s is the only modern democratic administration to take so many steps tackling gender issues,” Princess Loona said. “Women have the same capacities as men. Therefore, all posts, whether for government or business, must be occupied by those best suited for the job, regardless of sex."

Women's salaries in Spain are 30 percent lower on average than those of their male counterparts, and top posts on large company boards there are still occupied by males. But Zapatero has implemented new laws: 40 percent of all political candidates up for election must be female, and the same requirement will soon be applied to boards of companies bidding for government contracts.

Zapatero’s administration is also taking very strong measures to tackle the problem of domestic violence.
Although rate of incidence is lower in Spain than in other European countries (including the United Kingdom), domestic violence at the hands of husbands and boyfriends was responsible for the deaths of 70 Spanish women in the last year. When asked why they committed these crimes, the men often responded, "Because she was mine.”

"But although the prime minister has addressed this and other urgent issues and has made many improvements, Spain’s conservative media and politicians take every opportunity to criticize the new measures. They want to keep Spain anchored in the past, with women treated like property to be bought and sold and religion relegating them to the status of second-class citizens.' said Loona

Indeed, Spanish women were only recently granted the right to vote.
Princess Loona commented, "Women now have a fundamental duty to society to fully express their femininity, which is the only antidote for aggression and violence. They must continue to find inspiration in the leadership skills of men, but without adopting their shortcomings, as feminists sometimes do. They must spread femininity to all fibers of society, including education, business and government. A delicate, refined expression of female intelligence must become the most honored and revered of all human qualities, especially among men whose inherent femininity has been severely impaired by society."

She said Spanish society has typically associated virility with violence. “The truth is the exact opposite,” she said.
Rael, founder and leader of the Raelian Movement, recently stated:

"To be virile is to be in harmony with one’s male hormones and masculinity, not to be violent. To be fully human means being both male and female simultaneously. We all share characteristics of both genders, but those typically considered feminine are the most important.
“Femininity is an expression of art: of the art of human kindness, unconditional love, acceptance and refinement. The more you refine your gestures, the more you refine your words and thoughts. A refined and subtle thought is incompatible with a brutal pose. Refining your thoughts automatically refines your movements, and refining your movements automatically refines the way you think. Spirit and body are one.

“The Raelian Movement is an atheistic religion that perfectly merges science and spirituality, and it includes many female priests. Men and women must rise above their previous cultural conditioning and look to the future with a new awareness encompassing beauty and femininity.
“Such awareness is the only antidote for the current trends toward violence and aggression. To propel human consciousness into the 21st century, we need to abandon aggression and embrace sensuality.

"If femininity is a remedy for the problems of mankind and the way to prevent its destruction, then developing it becomes a necessity and the responsibility of each human being on Earth, regardless of gender."

The Spanish Raelian Movement is lead by a woman and have a woman as a spokesperson as well, both highly motivated to contribute to the changes of their society.