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22 Jan, 2005
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Belgian artist reports holy theft by vatican to the police

2 1106422998 So Swe We couldn't end the week without the two stories that made us laugh the most.

A Belgian artist, Michel Skutnik, sent some of his paintings to the Vatican to have them blessed by the pope so that he could sell them at a higher price on the net, but he never got them back. He said he pleaded hundreds of times to have them back but finally received an answer saying that a gift to the pope couldn't be sent back;-) Michel Skutnik has been to the police this week to declare the holy theft.

We will suggest to send them in the future to the real representative of our creators on earth. He will certainly get them back , and could expect a better blessing;-)
Our congratulations are also going to Borris Brandt, a TV producer in Germany who is launching a new reality TV show to find the man with the fastest sperm. The contestants, 12 men, will give their sperm that will be tested during the show to find out which one is the fastest, an indication of who is the most virile of them. The announcement of the show generated massive outrage from politically and ethically correct people. We send all our support to Borris Brandt for his wonderful idea that not only brings fun but also educates the public on basic science.