Six More Wrongly Imprisoned at Guantanamo (RAEL's comment)

01 Nov, 2008
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Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes

The Prophet Rael commented today on yet another terrible injustice committed by George Bush.

The latest scandal reeks of familiarity...

The charges brought by the Bush Administration against six Algerian men for plotting to bomb the US embassy in Sarajevo in 2001 have finally been dropped nearly seven years later. So now add six more innocent men to the growing list of abused Guantanamo “detainees”.

Rael said “…this is yet another crime of George Bush who should be prosecuted for war crimes as soon as possible. And these people should get a good US attorney and ask for millions of dollars for their years of terrible suffering in prison.”

These six men were Arab-born (surprise, surprise) but that all had Bosnian citizenship or residency. They had also already been acquitted 7 years ago in a Sarajevo court but the US insisted they be handed over regardless, even threatening to pull its peacekeeping forces from Bosnia if authorities did not comply. If the US had withdrawn peacekeeping troops as it threatened, it would have been backing out of the Dayton accord which the US itself had negotiated. This would have likely caused great strife in the area. The US shackled and blindfolded the innocent men and transported them to Guantanamo. All in the name of the war on terror.
This is how aggressive US foreign policy has become and it can be no surprise that a growing portion of the world strongly disagrees with US foreign policy. We are sure that the American people – like all people – are giving and benevolent. The problem lies in governments’ foreign policies and the amount of accurate information that citizens in any country are allowed to access. Had Americans had accurate information, Bush would have never got away with what he has. (They would not have even voted him in, as the vote was 50/50) The problem also lies in the current system. In many countries, and the US is the prime example, government and/or corporations control media. In the US, corporations have become so wealthy and powerful that they, even if indirectly, control the government. Halliburton, Bechtel, oil companies, etc. have all lobbied the US government for so long that they control government policy. This is a priori, Fascism.

There are, however, solutions. :-) The Elohim, who are humanity’s true creators, have given us loving advice. Among other things, they lovingly propose that we democratically choose a better form of government in which only highly intelligent people are allowed to run for office. I think we’d all agree that this would help many things. ;-) Secondly, that this new government should apply strict humanitarianism in order that all people on Earth are assured basic human rights to freedom as well as basic needs like food, medical attention and housing. As it is now, rich nations continue to take from poor ones. Third, and this is something which could help usher in these things is for each person to always remember that we are responsible for our actions. Even things like who we listen to, who we vote for etc. We should think carefully and choose the things which help humanity as a whole. This would also very much include military personnel. If a soldier is ordered to kill a nonviolent person, they should refuse at all costs. (To those who would argue that a country acts in self defense, please remember that Bush’s attack on Iraq was a “pre-emptive strike” and that the Iraqi people are defending themselves. The US attacked Iraq, not the other way around)

This is where government and media come into play. These institutions, in order to retain their power and wealth, twist the facts in order to convince a population that a certain people are a danger. (Arabs, Jews, Americans, Blacks, Muslims, etc) And when a soldier goes into a country and starts shooting, yes, the people of that country tend to want to defend themselves, thus justifying the soldier’s education that these people want to kill him.

We should always be very, very skeptical when we hear a leader, be they political or religious, tell us to be afraid of something. Whether it’s that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that we need to fear terrorists, to fear Jews or Arabs, Blacks, a war on drugs or a war between good and evil, a war between God and Satan, these are all designed to manipulate people. Every war is rooted in fear. If we are to stop repeating the mistakes of the past, we must stop fearing others who are different than us. To do this, we need to listen to those who are different, not those who tell us to fear them.

In the US, the upcoming elections have all but made George Bush invisible within the US. Millions who voted for him now realize their error and feel betrayed by the man they thought was the “man of God” he claimed to be. (which is impossible because there is no god) Sadly, his departure from office will not undo his legacy of intolerance, violence and lies. The repercussions of what he has done will be echoing for many years. It will take many years and a huge effort for the next president(s) to push US policy in a better direction.

Each one of us is a citizen of Earth. Borders are imaginary lines drawn by colonizers and the winners of wars. We are one. :-)