The new pope as criminal as his predecessor

Africans should apostatize

Rael supports wise Japanese women choice to have less babies in order to save the earth.

It is shocking that half of the world is starving to death while rich countries politicians push women to have more children

War Against Fear

We need a worldwide revolution to destroy people's fear

Rael encourages Italian Raelians to vote yes at the upcoming referendum

It is important to support values of progress against traditionalist ones.

America's brain drain

A trend to encourage

A deformed baby develops to term

would an almighty god let it happen?

Swaziland king criticized for latest purchase

Isnt it a double standard considering the wealth of the Vatican?

The Ultimate Hypocrisy

The Pope has used every possible medical resource to survive despite a long tradition od condemning medecine

Terri Schiavo died

Meanwhile 500000 Iraqis children have been killed by US sanctions