How can women remain catholic?

Abortion compared to genocide by the catholic pope

Only the best brains should be allowed to rule a country!

A simple brain scan can indicate the level of damage or functionality at a glance

We are not meant to work

We have been created to live in pleasure so that we can create and blossom

Intelligent Design is a valid scientific theory

Raelian Ph.D. scientists are welcoming invitations to talk to students about this alternative theory.

Homosexuality is genetic

Gay penguins wont go straight

Meditation to avoid heart break

Stress releases hormones that are toxic for the heart.

Prophet Rael speech in Miami

Rael talks about love..

watch your thumbs ....

Could the use of gadget like Pocket PC that can do email, phone and games give you more arthritis?

Can you be polite and violent?

In the city of Montpellier, France, a cultural center has launched a new school in order to reduce violence: the “school for good behavior” where you simply learn how to be polite.

A cartoonist condemned to 6 months in jail in Greece

Gerhard Haderer, an Austrian cartoonist, has been condemned by a Greek court in Athens to 6 months in jail for one of his cartoon representing the life of Jesus.