Rael's Prayer For George Bush

Instead of attacking, he should declare a national day of prayer

Dr. Venter is moving from reading the genetic code to writing it.

This is level 1 of the elohimization process announced by RAEL 32 years ago!

About Social Conformity

What Other People Say May Change What You See

About psychiatry

Humanity needs abnormality as it is the most beautiful expression of difference.

Humanist wedding ceremonies legally recognized

And some are performed by raelian guides in the US

An Oxytocin potion

. Use it for love not for war.

A very Special Seminar in Las Vegas

A little more than a week ago the 180 participants to the Las Vegas seminar given by the Prophet RAEL went back home after spending one of the most amazing weeks of their life.

By 2080 it will be routine to download ones brain in a supercomputer.

The announcement of Rael confirmed by leading scientists.

Spielberg says extraterrestrials likely our friends

The first encounter between them and human beings is going to be friendly