Message to Pedophiles

pedophilia is a mental illness

Video game Halo 3 to draw teenagers into congregations

come to church to learn how to kill aliens

Amish forgiveness, a beautiful lesson for all

Imagine if Bush had done so...

models with eating disorder banned in London Fashion Week

Rael denounces the uncivilized discrimination against ill women.

Atheist Censorship is Religious Discrimination

Griffin as the right to state she is atheist

Legalize Prostitution

our support to Las Vegas' Mayor

Rael asks for boycott of Southwest Airlines

and a boycott of all who try to take society backward…

Prostitution or Self-Enslavement

let's help liberate African women

We have to stand up against hatred

and against all fanatisms

The real 7 Wonders of the World are not made of stones.

We have improved in 22 centuries !