Rael commends German court ruling circumcision as 'bodily harm'

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, commends the ruling by a court in Germany that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm.

A successful 3rd Swastika Rehabilitation Day

A display of swastikas around the western world on June 23rd, triggered a mixture of reactions.

How to activate your happiness center

This is what Rael has been teaching for the past 38 years: Happiness is a decision and you can activate your happiness center at will through meditation.

Rael urges ‘wonderful population decrease’ foreseen by Japanese report

A recent study published by the Japanese Ministry of Health predicts a decrease of the Japanese population by about 30 percent within the next 50 years.

Stop making Christmas gifts.

The Raelian 'There-Is-No-Santa' campaign was reinforced on this intense pre-Christmas shopping week with a strong statement by Rael who asked to “stop spending money for a tradition which is pure invention promoted by multinational companies to make more profits.”

Raelians to world: ‘Stop persecuting politicians who 'cheat'!’

After a long chain of sex scandals involving American government officials, with Congressman Weiner’s resignation the most recent, the Raelian Movement ( is challenging what it calls “the religious and politically correct norm.”

Victim of Hate Crime Rais Bhuiyan Awarded Title: "Honorary Guide of Humanity"

Rael has just awarded the Raelian title of "Honorary Guide of Humanity" to Rais Bhuiyan, a Muslim man originally from Bangladesh, living in Texas, who was shot in the face by another Texas man, Mark Stroman, just after 9/11 in what is termed a "Hate Crime".

Time to get rid of the word ‘WAR’

Some media reported recently about what they called the failure of the ‘war on drugs’

Pope Forgiving the Jews, who should forgive whom?

Pope Benedict XVI has exonerated the Jewish people over the death of Jesus Christ in a new book, Jesus of Nazareth, published today.

Work suits on the way out, a wonderful trend

A recent poll of British workers has shown that dress codes are becoming increasingly old-fashioned.