The Raelian Movement Names Rosie O Donnell as an Honorary Guide

Rael said: "I would be honored to perform the wedding ceremony for Miss O'Donnell

Meeting with the Dalai Lama

Rene BolducTestifies to the Good Faith of Rael

Rael meets Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion

The stimulating conversations by the pool, the visit of the private zoo of the mansion....

120 books at conference in Sweden!

The students were so happy to receive our CDs

We want strong raelians

Several members of the American Raelian Movement have recently left our organization following a rumor that the baby Eve never existed.

Raelians around the world have celebrated the first femininity day in colorful ways.

Women�s day is fine but let�s go one step further and celebrate femininity day

Religious discrimination in Switzerland

Raelians are becoming second zone citizens

Islamic Cyber Terrorists using local Orlando internet service for Worldwide Terror Campaign

Ricky Roehr, head of the US Raelian Movement has released the following statement: As reported Jan 31, The Raelian Movement's website ( was hacked twice in the last 5 days by Islamic cyber terrorists.

Muslim cyber terrorism on

The website of the International Raelian Movement ( which has thousands of visitors everyday has been hacked by a fanatic muslim cyber terrorist group from Turkey disturbed by the fact that the Raelian philosophy say there is no god.