Sexual Freedom on the Rise Worldwide

05 Aug, 2008
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Wife Swapping “Wife Swapping” much more popular than previously thought

A recent survey in Italy has shown that the once socially taboo practice of “wife swapping” is much more popular than the moral majority would have us think. As many as 25% of all Italian couples take part in this practice many consider taboo. This is quite surprising considering the close proximity to the Vatican, the biggest promoter of monogamy and one marriage only teaching.

The Prophet Rael commented “…and the numbers are without any doubt the same in every country as more and more people want to have fun and pleasure, free from religious guilt. And this is happening while the medias, who are out of touch with reality, continue to call the Raelians a "sex cult" while a huge percentage of the non Raelian population is enjoying sexual freedom. Wake up “mediashit” powers before you all go bankrupt. Rest assured we will celebrate each media bankruptcy with champagne.” 

Raelians are well known for their support of sexual freedom. Something the “mediashit” powers never bother to clarify regarding the Raelian philosophy is that freedom means the freedom to say yes or no. Freedom never implies any form of obligation – and what is “normal” for you has nothing to do with what is “normal” for anyone else. We are all different but it’s religious traditions and dogma which try to conform everyone into being the same.

By the way, “wife swapping” is a term which would imply that it is the man who should decide to swap out his property, his wife. It’s definitely not so! This also comes from old traditions based in religious dogma which teaches that a man has some sort of dominion over a woman. Baloney! One of the women interviewed in Italy said something we really love. She said “I love my husband. That is why I want to swap him.” This is very much a part of the Raelian Philosophy. To love someone is, above all, to seek the happiness of those we claim to love. To be jealous or try to possess is the opposite of love. We love to see such liberated women – especially so close to the Catholic headquarters in Rome. :-)

And while it may sound strange, knowing what the “mediashit” journalists like to print about the “Raelian Sex Cult”, many, many Raelians choose to live a monogamous relationship with someone. While we know that no one can own another human being in any sense of the word, if partners choose to live together in a monogamous relationship, it’s beautiful – but no more beautiful than someone who wishes to have a new partner every week.