Rael's speech in LA

06 May, 2006
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For the opening of the new meeting room

Obp And Marcella The Prophet Rael was in Los Angeles a few days ago and the fifty local Raelians were so happy to welcome him in their brand new meeting room, a room donated by Marcella and Ralph. Sage Ali the Regional Guide was right to be proud of the achievement of his local team who dedicated time to prepare the first meeting room in the US. The LA Raelians have something special to achieve, they were told so during the speech that our Beloved Prophet delivered on this occasion.

You can listen to him now on www.raelradio.net

Here are a few excerpts of what he said, taken from notes:
America is a country of dreamers, we all know about the American dream. It could be sometimes a nightmare. This country is about dreams, this city and Hollywood is a dream. The coming seminars will be about dreams, how to become powerful dreamers.
I am sure you all have a dream, the dream to meet the Elohim. But to meet them is nothing, what is important is the message they give you. Some people believe we love UFOs. It is like meeting a Japanese people and saying that you love Toyota. There is so much more in the Japanese philosophy and culture than a car.
We love the spirituality of the Elohim, it is more important than the UFOs. They gave us a message that is here to change our life. This is why we are together, to talk about their love.
Humanity needs more spirituality. America needs more spirituality. They have a god here that is money, money, money. This is well illustrated by the Reality show “You’re fired”. I have seen the show and right after I must say, I thought that Satan was right. There is no compassion, no love in “you’re fired”. My plan is to do a Reality show where we will have young people gathered to find the best way to help the planet and to tell them, once they are successful: “ you’re enlightened”, much better than “you’re fired”.
America needs more spirituality and I am happy to see that more and more movies are about philosophy. I dream to be the director of my own movie, a movie about the messages, one day. We all dream of that.
To meet the Elohim, yes, but for what?
They gave us a message saying there is no god, no soul, we have been created in a laboratory and science is love and love is science, we must be friendly with all living species, whatever they look like. They are civilizations out there watching us and they certainly don’t want to land here since we are still killing each other because of skin color. They are too afraid to come here 

You came here, you chose to be here, because you feel you can do something with the messages. I am not alone anymore.
I remember my first conference in Geneva where I had to hire a woman in the street to help sell the tickets at the entrance of the conference so that I could pay the room. I remember my first visit to New York with the book. I thought it was THE book and that they would take it right away. They kept on asking who my agent was. I remember my first visit to LA. Philippe Lambro was there to help me. I was so happy, an American working in the film industry. I thought there would be a movie done within two years after my visit 
Today we have this room, it is a beginning. It means that there are people who want to be together, we have a team.
You are part of a team which will make a huge impact on Humanity. You are with me at the right time, at the right place.
Many people want me to disappear. If I disappear, you have the messages and you know what to do with it. There is no other hope for Humanity but us.
So we are starting here with a little place while the big cathedrals are getting empty and transformed into night clubs in Europe. But the hearts and minds of the Raelians are full. The other religions have lost the fire. They only have traditions.
One day we will remember this first little room in LA. It will be part of us forever. This is a historical day.
It is all about a love story, a love story with the Elohim, with Infinity, a love that is not creating blindness like with an almighty god but a love telling us we are equal. A love telling you that you are gods and should behave like gods and give love to the people around you.
I love you, the Elohim love you, feel it everyday of your life.