Raelians continue to insist on "god-free" naturalizations in the US

10 Sep, 2012
 None    North America

Raelian Guide Dr.

Raelian Guide Dr. Mehran Saam is the latest Raelian to have had an entirely "god-free" citizenship ceremony in which not only the signed oath didn't contain any religious reference but also the presiding official didn't make any religious reference at all.

Raelians deny the existence of a personal deity. Instead, they honor the Elohim – extraterrestrial scientists who created life on Earth, including humans, through genetic engineering.


Mehran tells us about his naturalization last week in Boston: "After 2 years of waiting, with letters back and forth with the USCIS, today I finally had my US citizenship ceremony done privately in the judge's office with the modified oath with no references to a God or to taking up arms exactly as I asked for. I am very happy and proud as a Raelian, and as an atheist and pacifist. All the waiting and the extra effort was well worth it! We must never give up our human rights."