Raelian Celebration of the creation of life and of its diversity

06 Apr, 2016
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The first Sunday of April is one of the main four celebrations organized by the Raelian Movement throughout the year.


The first Sunday of April is one of the main four celebrations organized by the Raelian Movement throughout the year. It is the day chosen to commemorate the scientific creation of life by the extraterrestrial civilization that designed us and all forms of life on earth , lived with their creation for a while and then went back to ' the Stars' as reported by our ancestors with their limited understanding of the time.

On this year 70 aH celebration, Maitreya Rael was in Okinawa and addressed the Raelians who were gathered there to celebrate with him.

Rael explained that this celebration of the creation is also a celebration of diversity. " When the Elohim ( the extraterrestrial civilization that created us), came on earth, they wanted to recreate the 7 races they also had on their planet at the beginning - when they were created themselves. That's why they created the black people first, the yellow, red skin people, all the different races that exist now. It isn't by accident that they did it, as, as long as we are racists, we cannot progress. As long as we are racists, our genetic code will become weaker and weaker. By loving each other, whatever the color of the skin, having children together of mixed skin colors, we increase the beauty and the quality of our DNA."

" One day when we also create life on another planet, we will do the same. We will probably create people with different colors of skin ; not only for beauty but to force them to have love and respect for each other in order to be more and more beautiful, more and more intelligent and to progress in a peaceful way in order to deserve to reach interplanetary civilization."

" In the infinity of the Universe there are very different forms of life. The training to love different human beings, to love differences, different shapes of eyes, different colors of skin, is a training for us in order to welcome beings that are not looking like human beings. It is a training to help us welcome any form of life. Right now, a lot of extraterrestrial people are watching us. They would love to come, to visit us, but they look at us killing each other because of the color of our skin and they stay away. The earth is a no fly zone."

"It is the responsibility of the Raelians, it is part of the mission given to us by the Elohim, to prepare humanity to welcome people who are very different, with love and respect, as all the extraterrestrials who can travel to earth are peaceful, full of love."