Rael says "myth of god, the most dangerous drug"

14 May, 2008
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Pope says "sex is like a drug". Duh!!

Pop Cartoon Copy On its 40th anniversary of the Catholic Church’s official stance on sex, contraception and artificial procreation methods, Pope Benedict XVI commented that “sex can become like a drug”.
He said he was worried that sex could "transform itself into a drug that one partner had to have even against the will of the other”. The first thing that comes to mind is to ask him whether he learned that knowledge on sex addiction from the thousands of pedophile priests and the priests who raped nuns …
The possibility of sex addiction is well documented. Like any other pleasure, sexual pleasure can become an addiction for an individual with an unbalanced brain, especially if such a pleasure is forbidden. But experts also agree to say that an individual with a healthy sexual life is more likely to be harmonious and far from showing addictive behaviors. If one partner has to impose sex on the other it is probably because he has been told by his priest that he can have only that partner ;-) A healthy sexual life includes the capacity to have several partners if one’s libido requires it. There is nothing wrong with that and the Catholic Priests should be given that possibility as well in order to save children from being harassed.

But talking about addiction, Rael mentioned that the belief in a supernatural and almighty God is a drug which is much more dangerous than sex. “Sex doesn't create wars. Religions do. Millions of people were killed and tortured by these god believers and it still exists in Muslim countries as well as Christian countries since the US is being exposed more and more for its torturing Muslim prisoners. The myth of god is THE most dangerous drug.”

Humanity’s Creators, the Elohim of the Bible, those who were taken for gods by our ancestors, explained to Rael in 1973 that, simply, pleasure is the reason we exist. We were created for pleasure as well as out of pleasure. Taking regular part in regular sex is a sure way to decrease violence on the planet and a much healthier addiction to have than committing crimes against humanity in the name of god.

God believers have to suppress so many natural aspirations, have to deal with so many taboos, how can they cope with it? Well they campaign for their god thinking that theirs is better than the god of the others. Hence the violence and the wars we witness today. A happy person is never violent. Have you ever known a happy person to commit an act of violence?

We invite you to read “Sensual Meditation” which you can download for free here. In this short book, Rael explains this whole process with brilliant clarity. :-)