Rael in support of John Currin

20 Mar, 2008
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true artists are revolutionnary, the others are just decorators

John Currin This week the Raelian Movement sent its support to John Currin, an American artist living in New York who is drawing fire from certain art “critics” for his paintings which are sometimes pornographic. The Prophet Rael quickly pointed out: “That is the real essence of art! True artists are the ones using their art for revolutionary purposes and fighting for peace and freedom. All others are just ‘decorators’.”

A true artist is always pushing the envelope. Real artists will always cause the masses gasp in surprise or even shock. It was the same throughout every age and the politically correct masses are always shocked or disgusted. Then, eventually, like any new idea, it is accepted and even venerated. Artists lead no matter what their medium. You can also see other great artists on this site who are blazing trails into the future. Just to name a couple, there is Stelarc, the artist who grafted a human ear made from cartilage on his forearm – and Cosimo Cavallaro, who created a life sized, nude chocolate Jesus to be exhibited in a New York gallery. The exhibit was banned before it opened due to pressure from a local Catholic bishop. We assume the bishop was offended with the nude part and not the chocolate.  See this site for more “true” artists and why it is so important that they have even more freedom!

The Prophet Rael has stated many, many times that art should know no censorship. In many cases, today’s most blasé art, and there is too much of it everywhere, was once yesterday’s controversial, shocking taboo. Rael has also pointed out that most museums exhibit only the past – like a graveyard – and the true artists are those who are breaking the accepted rules.

Be it in painting, sculpture, music, fashion, cuisine, etc. in every case what “sells” is always mediocre at best. What sets the trends, however, takes more time. One can listen to the regurgitated noise on the radio which is force-fed to people like they were little birdies in a nest. One can also go to Wal Mart, the Gap or any other store and buy mass produced items which are, at best, only slightly adapted versions of last year’s trend in order to sell more items. But true art is individualistic. True art is never mass produced because by the time it is mass produced, there are new artists forging ahead with the trends which will finally be recognized 10 years from now!

Artists even have the great responsibility to lead society as artists see and feel more of a grandiose vision than the average person. Any leader always sees the bigger vision of things. In fact, Humanity’s Creators, The Elohim, used a huge amount of art in all of their millions of creations on Earth thousands of years ago! They created life through science and art – together. Scientists and artists always see the future, and, working together, they can and will save humanity from the mistakes of the past. Religious leaders and politicians are always repeating the mistakes of the past – so it’s no surprise that it’s precisely the religious leaders and politicians who are always trying to ban, censor and control the wonderful work of scientists and artists.

Maybe the most beautiful thing is the fact that there is an artist within each of us! There are soooo many ways to express creativity! Decorating a home, painting, gardening, cuisine, sculpture, music, dance, fashion…countless ways. And, as the Elohim explained, love is especially an art. 