Rael encourages materialistic "Christmas"

12 Dec, 2007
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do not miss the Raelian Saturnalia

Coca Santa While the pope criticizes the materialistic way of celebrating Christmas, Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has encouraged people to celebrate it in the most materialistic way possible to bring these holiday-time parties back to their pre-Christian origins: the Roman Saturnalia festivals.

Rael declared: The pope has obviously forgotten that the original celebrations occurring at the end of December were not at all Christian...but beautiful "pagan" celebrations called Saturnala in which people were partying naked and having fun. The early Catholic church did all it could to "Christianize" these pagan parties”.
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Rael added: “to be back to consumerism is a beautiful way to bring back the pre-Christian " Christmas" ....enjoy your end of year "orgies" for Saturnalia !”