Rael disapproves Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara

17 Jan, 2006
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and gives his support to President Chavez

Chavezturtle The Prophet RAEL disapproves the declarations of Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara, the most senior Catholic clergyman in Venezuela who says that the government of Hugo Chavez appears as a dictatorship and has lost its democracy.

What should we say about the Vatican whose leader, the Pope, has absolute power in his state and is elected for life? Where is the democracy in the Vatican?
The Catholic Church also accuses President Chavez of lacking religious neutrality.

The Prophet Rael said today : “The Catholic Church’s leaders in Venezuela are traitors, fully submissive to a foreign power : the Vatican, that is a state as well, and as such, looses its religious neutrality as it intervenes in Venezuela. It is actually for that same reason, for not being told what to do by the Vatican, that a King of England founded the Anglican Church.”

In a letter sent to President Chavez, Rael proposes to go immediately to Venezuela to show his support and publicly denounce the Catholic Church that has been the accomplice of the colonization that lead to the massacre of the indigenous people of South America.

It is also for this reason that Rael invites the Venezuelans to massively apostatize from the Catholic religion that is only opium for the people and a religion imposed brutally on their ancestors. It is always important to recall that the Catholic Religion built a major part of its fortune thanks to the pillaging of the victims of the massacres done in South America.

"I propose to President Chavez to nationalize all the properties of the Catholic Church as they have been built using the wealth of the Venezuelans, and transform them into centers for scientific education. I would like to propose to him as well a project of United States of the Third World in order to fight against the imperialism and the neo-colonialism of the rich countries and especially of the USA”, concluded Rael
Venezuela's leader has demanded an explanation after a Roman Catholic cardinal said that the country was becoming a dictatorship.