Rael denounces censorship on Jewish Fanaticism

11 Feb, 2012
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“Why would Western media always criticize the fate of Muslim women but never the one of Jewish women?


“Why would Western media always criticize the fate of Muslim women but never the one of Jewish women?” asked Rael after the publication of Deborah Feldman's book “Unorthodox”.
In her book, Deborah Feldman describes how she grew up in an ultra-conservative family in New York City, where she couldn't read English books for they were declared 'impure'. She had to cover her ankles and neck and hide being sexually assaulted as she had been taught that men's lust was ungovernable. At 17, she was pushed into an arranged marriage and once married, had to shave her head and wear a wig.
Despite the heavy stories described by Feldman, here is an example of how the American media is commenting about it: “Deborah Feldman, 24, lives a modern life, different from that of her Hasidic Jewish parents from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.” Would they use the same words and description if she was a Muslim woman?
"Why do we only hear stories about Muslim extremists and not about these extreme Jewish fundamentalism?" commented Rael, “ Isn't it another proof that the media are controlled by Jewish people who want everybody to hate the Muslims but don't say anything wrong about Jewish traditions”.
Another story was in the news yesterday; a Hasidic Jewish teenager from New York just pleaded guilty to assault, for setting a neighbor on fire because he wasn't praying with the rest of the community.
“Burning someone because he doesn't go to the synagogue anymore, isn't it pure and mad fanaticism?” added Rael. “ If it was a fanatic Muslim, all media would have talked about it to incite anti-Muslim hatred. Since he is Jew, there is total silence in the mainstream media, whose owners are Jews in majority as we know well.”