Rael awards title of Honorary Guide of Humanity to Julian Assange

15 Dec, 2010
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Rael has awarded the title of Honorary Guide to Julian Assange, founder and leader of Wikileaks.


Rael has awarded the title of Honorary Guide to Julian Assange, founder and leader of Wikileaks.

“Julian Assange needs our energy and support so that he can continue to destroy the myth of honesty of the political leaders” declared Rael in a recent speech in Japan in front of Raelians gathered to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Rael's encounter with the extraterrestrial scientists who created life on earth.

( See video excerpts of Rael's speech below)

He also praised the movement of support that Assange received from the anonymous public.

“Revolution has reached Internet. The people who are revolted by the superpowers' dictatorial attempt to silent those who love the truth and reveal the lies of the governments, are now taking charge following the famous 'we the people'.”

He added: “ This is a very good sign that young generations are not ready to be silent sheep but instead are ready to fight for the freedom of internet, the only and last free media not controlled by the superpowers and multinational companies that are willing to make the whole world population a mass of consumers and tax payers who never question them.”

Like Assange who said today that he will remain true to his ideals, Rael has reaffirmed on this 37th anniversary his mission to change the world, asking the Raelians to keep the 'laughter revolution'. “ I hope that thousands of Raelians will attend political meetings and public speeches of their prime minister and when these politicians start to say things like 'we will build a strong nation', everybody laughs. To laugh is the best answer to stupidity”.

“Assange is in prison like Nelson Mendela was but I am sure he is laughing as he knows he cannot stay there a long time.” concluded Rael. “Let's send him our energy so that he can keep championing the freedom of speech and embarrassing those who pretend to take care of the interest of their people.”