Prostitution or Self-Enslavement

21 Jul, 2007
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let's help liberate African women

White Recently a video was aired on youtube, showing women and young girls of Kama (Africa) trying to leave the continent using internet to find white westerners who would be willing to marry them, in order for them to have a more comfortable life.

A Raelian Guide from Africa asked Rael what he thinks of this situation. Here is what he answered:

“The fact that a ‘black girl looks for her white guy’ or that ‘a white guy looks for his black girl’ isn’t a problem if there is love. On the contrary, it is rather good for mixing races and fighting against racist prejudices. By mixing races we create this melting pot which will one day lead to a unique race like on the Elohim planet, gathering all the advantages of each one of the original races.
It is even possible that the Elohim in their macro-biological vision, had planted in each race voluntarily genes fighting against diseases which, when combined will make all diseases disappear. This is just a thought…

The problem arises when, whatever their skin color is, someone is looking for material advantages without love. This is called prostitution. Whether it happens between white people or between different races, whether it is a permanent situation or a temporary one, to marry someone rich just for their money is as much prostitution as selling oneself along a sidewalk.. The only difference is that in the first case it is part of our institution and considered “respectable” by our society, while the other one is not, despite the fact that there is actually no difference between the two cases. This being said, if both parties have advantages in their agreement where one brings youth and beauty and the other one brings money, there is no reason to condemn such deals in a world lead by money, whether it is a temporary situation like in prostitution or a more permanent one by marriage.
It is also true that the ideal society towards which we are leaning hopefully will not use money anymore and hence will not know prostitution, neither from marriage nor from temporary prostitution.

But what is most important is to draw a parallel between colonization and slavery and relationships between men and women in rich and poor countries. A woman who leaves her country to marry a black or white man only for his money is somehow voluntarily enslaved and participates in a process of sexual colonization of Africa where the most beautiful women are pillaged thanks to an economical superiority. It is true that these women are consenting. However their decision is acceptable only if they consciously choose this solution as a temporary situation, having in mind to divorce one day and to come back rich and possibly educated, in order to develop Africa.

It is a little bit like the African students who come to American universities and choose to come back to Kama afterwards. The African women could take advantage of such marriages to go to school in a rich country and to leave once they have their diploma, to enrich Africa with their competencies. The pillaged must pillage in return. In such a case it is acceptable for those who have no other solutions than take advantage of their beauty and youth to go and finish their studies.
They should have the discipline to not have children with the person they don’t really love as they would attach themselves to him for ever and prevent their return.

The real solution however is for the United Kingdoms of Kama to use their exceptional means and resources to provide education to all their inhabitants as well as enough goods so that no African women is ever tempted again to prostitute herself in rich countries by marrying one of their citizens. This will be possible only once the federation of the United Kingdoms of Kama is accomplished.

The liberation of African women will occur once Africa has gone through a political revolution which will lead to economical and educational revolutions. This is why we need to push the Raelian women of Kama to get involved in politics as much as the men and even more!