Prophet Rael speech in Miami

10 Feb, 2005
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Rael talks about love..

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Last Sunday, RAEL talked in front of a few raelians and non-raelians who gathered to receive His teachings in Miami. Here is a summary of this very inspiring speech:

Today, I just want to bring a message of Love as the planet needs it more than ever.
I want you to think love. The more violence, war and nationalism surround us, the more we must have thoughts of love.
You may say, who am I to think I can change the world? You must know that you can make a difference with your thoughts. If you meditate for peace, even alone in your home, your telepathic waves are changing the world. Meditations on peace and love make a difference. First it changes you inside, you feel better when you meditate that way, then the people around start to feel better as well and then they change the people around them.

Some say that our world is becoming more violent. This isn’t true. We are going back to a new peace and love generation. At the time of Jesus, it was much more violent and bloody than now. They were incredibly violent. Today no one is nailed on a cross anymore. So we slowly evolve towards a more peaceful society. Of course, we still have Bush and people like him who are killing, but it is going in the right direction and we contribute to that.

We are lucky to live now and tomorrow will even be better. Repeat this sentence often: tomorrow is always better than yesterday. If you are among those who think that yesterday was better, it means you are aging. Only old people say that. Yesterday there was no phone, no electricity, no social security, how can we call it the old good time? Today you enjoy your cell phone, you computer. My old toy in wood was nice but the computers of today are way better than my old wood toys.
Tomorrow will be better, more advanced and eternal life is coming. We are at a turning point. Technology helps love. It is easy to say “ love your neighbors” and feel good about it. It is ok, but the real love gives and cures. It comes from the scientists. When a kid is sick, the parents go to the hospital. Doctors are giving a few more years to an old lady by giving her kidneys so that she can see her grand children a little longer. This is love.
Tomorrow is better than yesterday.
Before religions were saying tomorrow will be better once you are dead, you will be in heaven.
Now we say tomorrow will be better because it will be heaven here on earth.
Everybody could live forever if the technology is used by the right people.
So think about love and peace, because the technology today is used by the wrong people, making war in the name of god or allah. Technology must be used to save life.
Don’t think you are nothing, think about love and peace. Your brain waves will influence your surrounding.
Even Bush could be influenced. He is slowly realizing that killing may not be the solution and introduces a little more diplomacy. After killing thousands of people, Americans are now hated everywhere and they have to hide when they travel and disguise themselves into Canadians !
America needs a Gandhi.
Try to imagine if on September 11, 2001, Gandhi had been the president of the United States, what would have happened?
Jesus, Gandhi, they were love.
If you hate, you create more violence.
It will take generations to solve the problems between Americans and Muslims who hate each other now. Some are saying we should remove violent games. Games are nothing compared to the war displayed every day on television. Children are reproducing what they see on television in the streets. Hopefully, education of the children on both sides, in America and in the Muslim countries, will solve the problem.
We should apply the teachings of Jesus who was saying to look at our own fault and look at the qualities of the others instead of focusing on our own qualities and the flaws of the others. He also said to turn the left cheek when hit on the right one. It means that there shouldn’t be any reply to violence. It is the only way to save the world. There are no intermediate solutions.
We must meditate. Some call it prayer, but it is actually meditation.
Your thoughts shape the world every second.
Think that you can change the world with your thoughts and you will feel better. We must do it every second of our life if we want to have the Elohim come and help us. But we must work every second, thinking about peace and love. If you stop these thoughts, then you revert and go down to violence.
The first step is to think about love and then, if you never stop, you become love. That’s what we teach at seminars. If you come to our festivals, you will become love. It is the goal of a lifetime. You will not think about love anymore because it is what you are.